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Counseling Children Through Divorce

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counseling children through divorce

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Divorce can be an emotional strain on any family, yet particularly challenging for children caught up in it. This article will examine the benefits of counseling children going through divorce as well as ways parents can be involved. We'll also address why choosing the appropriate lawyer is key - along with providing statistics and insights from dependable sources.


What therapy is used for children of divorce?

Children may experience emotional turmoil as a result of divorce and may need professional guidance through this difficult period. Counseling and divorce therapists use various strategies to support children during this difficult period.

  • Play Therapy: Play therapy is one of the best ways for younger children to express their fears and feelings through games and toys.
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: CBT is a form of therapy that assists children in recognizing and shifting negative thought patterns, providing tools to manage stress and anxiety more effectively.
  • Family Therapy: Participation by all family members in therapy sessions can often be essential. Family therapy fosters communication and understanding among family members.


The Benefits Of Counseling For Kids Dealing With Divorce

Statistics demonstrate clearly, that counseling children after divorce offers many advantages:

  • According to the American Psychological Association (APA), children who receive counseling when their parents divorce are more likely to adapt positively and show an increase in emotional well-being, 8 out of 10 demonstrate significant progress during this transition period.
  • Children who receive therapy tend to have fewer long-term behavioral or emotional problems, which in turn lowers their risks of depression or anxiety in later years.
  • A study published by Journal of Divorce & Remarry demonstrated that children who received counseling experienced higher self-esteem levels and greater resilience.


How Can You Help Your Child?

Your role as a mother or father is just as essential:

  • Open Communication: Increase your child's open communication by encouraging them to express their concerns and feelings freely. Reassure them it's okay for them to feel confused or upset, and ensure that everyone understands this is normal behavior.
  • Consistency: Try to maintain as stable a schedule as possible for maximum sense of stability during uncertain times. Consistency provides security.
  • Avoid Conflict: Keep any conflicts between you and your former partner out of sight of your children. Maintain a respectful relationship with co-parents and keep arguments private.
  • Reassurance: Assure your children of their love, and that their divorce is not their fault. This will help ease any anxiety they might be feeling.


Why is hiring a divorce attorney better than not having one?

Here's why hiring an attorney may be beneficial:

  • According to the American Bar Association, seeking legal advice may increase your odds of reaching favorable agreements in matters like property division, child custody, and support payments.
  • An experienced lawyer can offer expert guidance through the complicated divorce laws and ensure your rights are fully protected.
  • Journal of Family Issues conducted a study that concluded people who hired attorneys were more satisfied with their divorce experience compared to those who did not hire legal representation.


When is the right time to hire an attorney?

At an ideal, early point in your divorce proceedings, it is wise to consult an attorney. However, certain situations may necessitate immediate legal help:

  • Concerns may exist with regard to child custody and visitation rights.
  • If there are complex financial arrangements or significant assets involved.
  • Protection orders may be necessary in cases of domestic abuse and violence.


What criteria must be used to find an attorney?

Finding a qualified divorce lawyer is essential in moving the process from emotional to legal. Here are some factors to keep in mind when selecting your counsel:

  • Experience: When choosing an attorney, look for one with extensive knowledge of divorce and family law cases.
  • Reputation: Read online reviews or ask those who have experienced divorce for advice from those they trust.
  • Communication: Look for an attorney who is capable of effectively communicating and listening to your needs.
  • Understanding Cost: Before hiring an attorney, ensure you fully comprehend their fees and that they fit within your budget.


Why Choose Drama-Free Divorce?

Drama-Free Divorce meets all the qualifications for being an exceptional divorce attorney.

  • Experience: Our highly knowledgeable family law attorneys have successfully managed many divorce cases. Rest easy knowing you are in expert hands!
  • Reputation: Our remarkable reputation is something in which we take immense pride, along with all the clients who have benefitted from it.
  • Communication: At our firm, open and clear dialogue is of utmost importance. You will always remain up-to-date throughout the entire process.
  • Affordable: With our transparent fee structure, all clients can afford high-quality legal representation at an affordable cost.


Suggestions for Action

Divorcing with children can be a complex and lengthy process that needs multiple strategies and approaches. Seek professional counseling services to ensure your child's emotional well-being, and also be active by providing stability, love, and support as their parent.

Finding the ideal divorce lawyer is key. Consult with professionals early on so they can protect your interests and rights.

Divorce can be an emotionally taxing journey. But with guidance and support from friends and family members, both you and your children can emerge stronger and better prepared to face future challenges. Contact us today at 816 615-5555 or send us an email on our Contact Page.

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