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Dating Post-Divorce: How Long Should You Wait?

Posted by Unknown | Jan 05, 2021 | 0 Comments

dating post-divorce

Drama-Free Divorce will serve as your dependable partner and adviser, offering invaluable assistance and advice about 'dating post-divorce'. Additionally, we offer flexible financing solutions with monthly payments starting at $500 to meet the needs of Missouri, and Kansas residents. No hidden costs or surprises exist within our pricing model and court appearances do not need to take place as part of our process, thus eliminating any stress and anxiety. Our team of lawyers understands your struggles during these trying times while offering support with professionalism at every turn.

Dating after divorce can be both exciting and daunting, so let us explain why taking some time away before diving back in is necessary, provide tips that can make the process smoother, and discuss when hiring an attorney is important. As well as introduce our law firm as a helping hand during this transitional phase. Let's explore this exciting world together so we can all discover ways to successfully navigate it!


How long should you wait to start dating after divorce?

When considering dating again after divorce, one of the first questions often raised is "How long should you wait?" There's no universally applicable answer here, but it is essential that you give yourself time to heal emotionally from divorce before jumping back into dating relationships too quickly. Rushing into relationships could only serve to exacerbate existing feelings while failing to give enough room for processing them or learning from previous relationships.

According to an American Psychological Association study, recovery from divorce takes an estimated 18-24 months emotionally.


Why it's important to wait to date after divorce?

  • Avoid Rebound Relationships: One primary motivation for delaying dating is avoiding rebound relationships, which result from someone seeking comfort too soon in a new relationship that does not have solid roots. You will gain a more beneficial approach to dating by giving yourself time and space to heal and explore yourself first before jumping back into the dating game.
  • Accept Independence: Now is the time to embrace independence and rediscover yourself after divorce, focusing on personal growth and interests that matter to you.
  • Children and Stability: Consider your children's well-being if you have them. Dating too quickly could cause unnecessary confusion for them and instability is important in assuring loved ones that you care for them.


10 Tips For Dating After Divorce

  1. Recollect your past mistakes and learn from them.
  2. Self-love and care can boost your confidence. In turn, this increases attraction.
  3. When engaging in online dating, be wary. Always meet in public to protect your safety.
  4. Communication is of utmost importance. Make your expectations and boundaries known to all involved parties.
  5. Do not rush into any commitment. Take time to get to know someone better first.
  6. Keep an eye out for red flags. If something seems off, trust your gut instinct and act accordingly.
  7. Relying on family and friends for advice and assistance may also be invaluable.
  8. Holding on to old grudges can hinder new relationships from developing. Let go of what happened in the past and move forward.
  9. Maintain an optimistic view of love and relationships.
  10. Dating should be enjoyable. Make the most out of the experience and have fun along the way.


Why hiring a divorce attorney is preferable over going it alone?

  • Legal Expertise: Hiring an experienced divorce attorney is essential in making sure the process runs smoothly, it would be unwise to attempt to handle everything alone.
  • Legal Complexity: Divorce can be an intricate legal process that includes property division, child custody, and alimony payments. A lawyer can help guide you through all these complexities with ease.
  • Objective Advice: Consulting with an attorney can give you access to objective insights that will assist in making sound decisions during difficult times.
  • Negotiation: Experienced attorneys know how to negotiate, and will ensure you reach a fair settlement agreement.
  • Paperwork: Documents are essential components of the divorce process, and hiring an experienced divorce attorney will allow you to streamline it quickly and efficiently while preventing costly mistakes from arising.


When is the right time to hire an attorney?

Understanding when it's necessary to hire a divorce attorney can be tricky, so here are a few indicators that it might be time for legal advice:

  • Conflict Escalation: If the dispute between you and your spouse cannot be resolved amicably, consulting an attorney might be in order.
  • Complex Financial Situations: Divorce proceedings can become even more complex due to complex financial situations. High-value assets or debts, shared businesses, or joint businesses all complicate matters further and make divorce more challenging.
  • Child Custody: Legal issues surrounding child custody cases can become emotionally charged quickly. A lawyer can represent your interests to protect them effectively.


What are the criteria for finding a good attorney?

Selecting an experienced divorce attorney for an easy process. Take into account these criteria.

  • Experience: When hiring an attorney, make sure they have years of experience dealing with family law cases like divorce and family separation.
  • Communication: Select an attorney that communicates openly and promptly addresses your concerns.
  • Reputation: To evaluate an attorney's credibility, research online reviews and seek referrals from reliable sources.
  • Cost: To ensure your fees fit within your budget, discuss them beforehand.


Why Choose Drama-Free Divorce?

At Divorce-Free Divorce, we pride ourselves on meeting all the criteria of an outstanding legal representative. With years of experience handling family law cases and years of clear communication between client and attorney, you can rest easy knowing your case will be taken care of with precision and expertise. We understand how challenging and emotional it can be going through a divorce can be for both sides involved.


Suggestions for Action 

  • Following your divorce, allow yourself enough time and space to recuperate and reflect upon what has transpired thus far in your life.
  • Review these 10 dating tips after divorce for an enhanced and successful dating experience.
  • Assess your situation and decide if a divorce lawyer is necessary.
  • Use these criteria to select an attorney that meets all your needs.
  • Consider Drama-Free Divorce with your partner as you navigate the divorce process. Our track record speaks for itself and our caring approach guarantees success in every instance.

Dating after divorce can be an exciting and transformative journey, but it must be approached with self-care and patience. Professional guidance during divorce proceedings is crucial - Drama-Free Divorce will support you at every step. As you start this new chapter in life, keep your happiness and well-being as the top priorities. Contact us today at 816 615-5555 or send us an email on our Contact Page.

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