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How to Ask Your Spouse for a Divorce

Posted by Unknown | Mar 04, 2021 | 0 Comments

how to ask your spouse for a divorce

Drama Free Divorce will provide you with expert advice if you are in a difficult situation and wondering how to ask your spouse for a divorce. We provide flexible financing solutions starting at $500 per month that are designed specifically for Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas residents, eliminating court appearances as well as related stressors while our streamlined process provides peace of mind without court appearances - our attorneys will treat your case sensitively while understanding any emotional turmoil as they provide invaluable support throughout.

This article explores the delicate topic of asking your spouse for divorce. We will cover when is the appropriate time and place to have this conversation, nine steps to effectively communicate your decision, what to expect afterward, and why legal representation is so essential - plus an introduction of our law firm as an option for your divorce process.


When Should You Ask For Divorce?

One of the hardest decisions in life is making the choice to divorce or not, so carefully weighing all potential reasons before making your final decision should help guide your decisions. When contemplating divorce, ask yourself these questions to determine whether your reasons are valid:

  • Are You Exploring Divorce as Your Only Option? In an ideal world, divorce should only be considered after exhausting all other possible solutions like therapy or counseling have been explored.
  • Are You and Your Partner Unhappy? It could be beneficial for both of you if they split, if both parties feel discontented.
  • Safety Issues: Divorce may become necessary if the actions of your spouse put your safety or that of your children at risk.
  • Incompatibility: Your spouse and you may have become increasingly distant over time, which could be considered grounds for divorce. Incompatibility can be seen as one reason to get a divorce.


9 Steps for Telling Your Spouse You Want a Divorce

Now that you've decided on divorce, here is how you should approach this difficult conversation with your loved ones.

  1. Carefully consider your decision and be certain to state clearly your justifications for it.
  2. It is best to have the conversation in a comfortable, private place away from noisy environments like public places or at stressful moments like holidays.
  3. Write out what you plan to say so that you can remain calm and focused during the conversation.
  4. To explain your reasons for divorcing without placing blame upon anyone else, use the "I statement." For instance, say, "I am unhappy in our marriage" instead of "You are making me unhappy".
  5. Give your spouse space to express his or her thoughts and emotions freely without interrupting or being interruptive, showing empathetic understanding at all times.
  6. Your emotions may be high but try to remain composed. Avoid becoming aggressive or shouting.
  7. Instead of placing blame solely on one partner, focus on discussing the issue at hand for more productive discussions.
  8. Discuss practical considerations. Immediately address concerns such as living arrangements, finances, and child custody arrangements. Be open to making compromises where needed.
  9. Counseling can be highly beneficial if both parties are open to it. Even when divorce seems inevitable, counseling can still provide valuable assistance.


What can you expect from this difficult conversation?

After this difficult discussion, emotions will likely remain high and fluctuate between confusion, anger, sadness, and denial. You and your partner need time to process this situation together.


Why should hiring a divorce attorney be preferred over going it alone?

Divorce can be an emotional journey that often requires legal expertise to navigate successfully. A divorce attorney may be an appropriate solution in many instances for various reasons.

  • Legal Experience: Family law attorneys possess expert knowledge regarding all of the complexities involved with divorce.
  • Objectivity: A knowledgeable attorney's objective perspective can assist in making rational decisions.
  • Paperwork and Deadlines: Legal proceedings require extensive paperwork and strict deadlines. Hiring an experienced lawyer ensures all documents are filed correctly and timely.


When should an attorney be hired?

Once you've decided to divorce, it is imperative that you seek legal advice as quickly as possible in order to protect both your interests and rights. A legal professional can guide and protect you throughout this process.


How can I choose an effective attorney? 

Selecting an attorney with appropriate expertise is paramount, so here are some factors you should keep in mind when selecting one:

  • Experience: Select an attorney with extensive knowledge in divorce and family law cases.
  • Communication: Select an attorney who keeps you up-to-date and communicates regularly.
  • Reputation: To accurately gauge a lawyer's reputation, read reviews from reliable sources and gather personal recommendations.
  • Compatibility: To make the best choice possible for yourself and your legal matters, ensure you trust and feel comfortable with the attorney that has been chosen to represent you. A strong relationship between attorney and client is of utmost importance.


Why choose Drama-Free Divorce?

Drama-Free Divorce assists individuals through the difficult process of divorce with our tailored legal assistance services, adhering to these criteria for choosing an attorney:

  • Experience: Our team has years of experience handling divorce cases.
  • Communication: Our attorneys emphasize open and honest dialogue and will remain in contact with you at every stage.
  • Reputation: Our excellent reputation as a divorce law firm can be seen through our history of satisfied clients and high client retention rates.
  • Compatibility: we understand the emotional strain that divorce can place on you and are here to offer support throughout this difficult journey.


Suggestions for Action 

  • Consult an attorney: Contact our firm or another well-regarded divorce lawyer for an initial consultation session.
  • Collect the necessary documents: As soon as possible, start collecting documents such as financial records, asset inventories, and any other essential documentation necessary for the divorce process.
  • Counseling: If you aren't already doing so, consider seeking counseling as a means of exploring reconciliation possibilities.
  • Build your support structure: Lean on family and friends for assistance.
  • Keep informed: Do your research on the divorce process and understand your state's laws as you progress with the divorce proceedings.

Asking your spouse for a divorce can be difficult, but with guidance and care, you can handle it gracefully and confidently. Professionals and resources exist to support you throughout this process. Contact us today at 816 615-5555 or send us an email on our Contact Page.

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