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Legal Protections for Cohabitation Agreements

Posted by Drama Free Divorce | Jan 09, 2020 | 0 Comments

legal protections for cohabitation agreements

Many couples opt to explore compatibility before formal matrimony by cohabitating without formal marriage. Sharing life and experiencing its many joys can be amazing, yet cohabitation also comes with its challenges. Protect yourself legally with cohabitation agreements to address potential issues or protect both partners in case of separation. This guide will explore their importance and legal protection before marriage.

  1. Understand Cohabitation Agreements
    Cohabitation agreements (or domestic partnership agreements) are legally enforceable contracts between unmarried couples who live together. They outline various aspects of cohabitation such as financial responsibilities and possible support obligations in case of separation.
  2. Asset Protection
    A cohabitation agreement's primary goal should be protecting assets for both partners, with particular importance given the possibility that one partner has significantly more assets than the other. Creating such an agreement can provide clarity in case of separation and prevent disputes about property ownership disputes.
  3. Financial Responsibilities
    Couples can determine their financial responsibilities through cohabitation agreements. Such an agreement will detail expenses to be divided, whether a joint account will be opened and how any debts incurred during the relationship should be managed. Establishing clear expectations will help minimize future misunderstandings about finances.
  4. Determine Support in Case of Separation
    An agreement governing cohabitation can help identify support obligations should an unmarried couple ever separate. Unmarried partners don't share the same commitments, but an agreement could outline whether one partner has financial responsibilities to another following separation. This would be similar to spousal maintenance.
  5. Child Support and Custody
    Cohabitation agreements may address child support and custody arrangements for couples expecting children during cohabitation. Although family courts will ultimately make their ruling on these issues, a pre-established cohabitation agreement provides a framework for how the couple plans to handle these matters while protecting both parents' rights.
  6. Medical and End of Life Decisions
    Cohabitation agreements should include provisions related to end-of-life and medical decisions. Partners can choose whether they give each other powers of attorney or designate specific people who will make these important decisions on their behalf if either becomes incapacitated. This ensures their wishes will be respected during times of difficulty.
  7. Versatile and Adaptable Solutions
    Cohabitation agreements offer couples many advantages. Couples can tailor the agreement according to their preferences and circumstances, providing ample flexibility to address concerns and define terms that matter most in creating a comprehensive document that accurately represents their relationship.
  8. Minimizing Legal Disputes
    Couples can decrease the chances of legal disputes by setting clear expectations and terms in a cohabitation contract. When both partners understand their rights and responsibilities there will be less chance of disagreements or long-running legal battles.
  9. Maintenance of Relationship Dynamics
    Legal discussions before marriage or cohabitation may seem unwarranted, yet discussing them beforehand can prove beneficial to your relationship. Transparency and trust can be increased by opening dialogue about expectations, responsibilities, and possible outcomes between partners.
  10. Seeking Legal Guidance
    Cohabitation agreements should always be reviewed by an attorney when being drawn up or executed, to ensure compliance with state laws, and legality, and to cover all aspects of cohabitation.

Cohabitation agreements can provide unmarried couples an effective means of protecting themselves before marrying, by addressing issues like financial obligations, asset protection, and possible support obligations in case they separate. While discussing legal matters may be intimidating, creating a cohabitation contract will strengthen relationships by protecting both partners' interests.

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