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Long-Distance Parenting After Divorce

Posted by Unknown | Jul 11, 2020 | 0 Comments

long-distance parenting after divorce

Drama-Free Divorce is dedicated to helping you navigate the path of 'long-distance parenting after divorce.' We also provide affordable financing solutions starting as low as $500 per month for residents of Kansas City in Missouri and Kansas. When it comes to the cost of divorce, flexibility is key - our fixed and transparent pricing structure keeps you aware of all financial obligations throughout the process.

Drama-Free Divorce can provide the peace of mind you deserve during this trying time by eliminating court appearances, which often cause stress and inconvenience during divorce proceedings. Our legal team cares deeply for your emotional well-being during this difficult period and is sensitive to the difficulties you are currently facing - you can trust in receiving only the highest-quality care during this journey.

Long-distance parenting can be challenging, but with the appropriate strategies, it's possible. This article will outline seven techniques to maintain strong relationships between parent and child across distances. We will also address why hiring a divorce attorney is essential, along with factors to keep in mind when selecting one, and tips for selecting an attorney to represent your case properly.


7 Effective Long-Distance Parenting Techniques

Not everything is as difficult as it appears. Here are seven proven techniques that can help:

  1. Established Communication: Keep open communication with your child through regular phone calls, text messages, and video chats. Doing this may help close any communication gaps that might exist between them and themselves.
  2. Establish a Schedule: For your child's well-being, set an ongoing visitation schedule. Be as reliable as possible with keeping to this timetable.
  3. Co-Parenting Applications: Use co-parenting apps to easily share information, manage schedules, and reduce conflict among co-parents.
  4. Attending Visits Is Key: Make the most of every opportunity when visiting loved ones. Plan fun activities to create lasting memories and strengthen your bonds.
  5. Support Extracurricular and School Activities: Get involved with your child's extracurricular and academic pursuits even from afar, even if it means moving long distances away.
  6. Be Flexible And Adaptable: Life can be unpredictable. Be open to adapting your plans as your child's needs alter over time.
  7. Maintain a Positive Attitude: Strive to maintain a positive outlook and refrain from speaking negatively of either parent in front of their child.


What should you consider for long-distance parenting?

Consideration must be given to several aspects when contemplating long-distance parenthood.

  • Geographic Distance: Distance can greatly impede visitation between parents and children in terms of visitation rights.
  • Age and needs of Children: Each age group has distinct emotional and developmental requirements that should be tailored accordingly. Be sure to personalize your approach.
  • Plan Your Travel and Logistics: Make sure you are aware of costs and accommodations during visits.
  • Legal Agreements: Ensure the agreements you make for custody and visitation are legal and take long-distance parenting into consideration when making plans for custody and visitation arrangements.


Does long-distance parenting work?

Success can be found with proper strategy and dedication. Children can even flourish when their parents live far apart as long as they continue maintaining contact and providing emotional support. Children living far away from both their parents can develop strong attachments and an overall sense of emotional well-being when both are actively engaged in the child's care.


Pros and Cons of Long-Distance Parenting

Long-distance parenting entails both pros and cons:


  • Maintaining a Strong Bond: By working together to keep in contact, parents and their children can create a tighter emotional bond that strengthens over time.
  • Stability: A predictable and stable schedule provides them with security.


  • Limiting In-Person Contact: Distance can sometimes interfere with personal interaction between two people.
  • Communication Issues: Effective communication may prove challenging when living far away from one's parents.


Why is hiring a divorce attorney better than going it alone?

An attorney with experience can play an invaluable role in changing the game of divorce proceedings for multiple reasons.

  • Legal Expertise: Attorneys specialize in family law and can protect your rights.
  • Conflict Resolution: They specialize in mediating disputes to reduce stress levels and enable more fluid negotiations.
  • Paperwork and Legal Processes: Legal systems can be complex. Attorneys are adept at handling paperwork and procedures efficiently.


When is the right time to hire an attorney?

If you are going through a complex divorce, consulting an attorney as early as possible is highly advisable. Divorces often involve disputes regarding child custody, property division, and alimony payments - legal guidance will enable you to make better decisions when making crucial decisions.


What criteria must be followed in order to select an attorney?

Selecting an attorney requires careful consideration, taking into account several key criteria:

  • Experience: Look for an attorney with proven success in handling similar family law cases as yours.
  • Communication: Make sure your attorney is responsive and attentive to your needs.
  • Reputation: To assess the reputation of an attorney, check customer testimonials and references.
  • Fee Structure: Understanding an attorney's fee structure - retainer fees and hourly rates - is crucial.


Why Choose Drama-Free Divorce?

  • Experience: Our team has extensive knowledge in all areas of family law, such as divorce and custody cases.
  • Communication: Our priority is to stay in close communication with you throughout the entire process and keep you up-to-date.
  • Reputation: Our outstanding reputation can be traced to our many satisfied clients who have taken advantage of our services.
  • Affordable Options: Our flexible payment options start from $500 per month and provide quality legal representation to everyone.
  • Compassion: Our approach to each case is guided by our understanding of the emotional strain that divorce and long-distance parenting can create.


Suggestions for Action

  • Evaluate Your Situation: Evaluate the distance involved, the requirements of the child, and your own abilities as a parent.
  • Open a Communication: Explore long-distance arrangements for parenting between you and your ex-spouse.
  • Consult an Attorney: Consult a lawyer if your divorce involves complex issues.
  • Create a Parenting Schedule: Sit down with your attorney to draft up a parenting schedule that covers visitation and communication between all parties involved.
  • Keep in Contact: Regular communication and visits will enable you to stay involved with your child's development.
  • Maintain a Positive Outlook: Make your child's wellbeing your top priority, while upholding an optimistic stance.

Parenting from afar can be challenging, but with the proper approach, your child will still receive all of their needed love and support. Contact us today at 816 615-5555 or send us an email on our Contact Page.

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