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Mistakes Divorcing Parents Make

Posted by Unknown | Jul 30, 2020 | 0 Comments

mistakes divorcing parents make

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Drama-Free Divorce understands that court appearances can be an additional source of anxiety during a challenging period, so we work tirelessly to reduce such cases. Our team of lawyers is not only knowledgeable about divorce law, but they are also sympathetic towards your emotional struggles during this difficult time and will offer professional and compassionate assistance when required.

Divorce can be an emotionally challenging journey for everyone involved, particularly children. We will discuss in this article some common errors made when divorcing parents, with advice on how to avoid making such errors again. Additionally, we'll outline the advantages and drawbacks of hiring a lawyer for divorce proceedings, as well as when is the optimal time and place to hire one. We'll also offer tips on finding an experienced and reputable attorney. This guide should make your divorce proceedings much smoother!


What challenges do children of divorced parents face?

Divorce can be devastatingly challenging for children. Their emotional rollercoaster can have lasting consequences on their well-being as they adapt to changes in family dynamics. Children may feel insecure and may exhibit feelings of confusion. Parents need to understand these challenges their children are experiencing so as to facilitate as smooth a transition as possible.


10 Mistakes Divorced Parents Make

  1. Use of Children as Pupils: One common error is engaging children in disputes, to protect them from adult decisions and conflicts.
  2. Badmouthing the Other Parent: Negativity towards one parent in front of children can have devastating repercussions for their emotional well-being, so cultivating a respectful relationship between co-parents is vital.
  3. Refusing Open Communication: Hiding details of a divorce can lead to anxiety in children. Make sure an age-appropriate conversation takes place to help your child understand this difficult time.
  4. Inconsistent Parenting: Children may become confused when their parenting styles differ significantly, so establish shared guidelines with your ex-spouse to keep things stable for both parties involved.
  5. Lack of Routine: Children may become disoriented if their routines are interrupted, so ensure a consistent schedule for them so they feel secure.
  6. Neglecting Their Emotions: Neglecting your child's emotions could result in serious psychological problems. Be supportive, and empathic and validate their feelings if possible.
  7. Avoid Counseling: Seek professional assistance as needed - do not delay seeking support when needed!
  8. Material Excessive Compensation: While material compensation might provide quick solutions, this does not replace emotional support and stability for your child.
  9. Dating Too Soon: Introducing new partners too soon can cause anxiety among children who have just experienced their parent's divorce. Wait until your children have fully adjusted before introducing someone new into their lives.
  10. Refusing to Practice Self-Care: Neglecting oneself can have detrimental effects on parenting skills, thus hindering our efforts at being the best parent possible. Self-care should always come first!


How can I avoid these mistakes and become better?

To avoid such mistakes, it's essential that you are both aware and compassionate when parenting after divorce. Here are a few key strategies for becoming an excellent parent after a breakup:

  • Your top priority should be protecting and nurturing the emotional health of your child.
  • Communicate openly and honestly with your ex-spouse.
  • Establish routines that are uniform across households.
  • When necessary, seek professional assistance.
  • Your child will navigate this emotional journey with poise and grace.


Why hiring a divorce lawyer is better than not having one?

Hiring a divorce attorney is usually wise, their expertise in law will protect your rights while streamlining the process smoothly. Attorneys can be invaluable resources during an oftentimes emotional time like this one.

  • Legal Knowledge: Attorneys possess an in-depth knowledge of family law and can navigate the complexities associated with divorce successfully.
  • Negotiation Skills: These professionals possessing advanced negotiation techniques can represent you during negotiations to reach an equitable agreement.
  • Emotional Support: Working with an attorney will allow you to make rational decisions while alleviating emotional discomfort.
  • Paperwork Management: This service ensures accuracy, and compliance with laws, and ensures accurate record-keeping of paperwork.


When should you hire an attorney?

Consult a legal adviser if your divorce involves complex financial arrangements or custody disputes. Even in amicable divorces, an attorney will provide advice and ensure all necessary legalities are addressed correctly.


What are the key criteria for finding a competent attorney?

Consider these criteria when searching for an appropriate lawyer:

  • Experience: For best results, look for an attorney with extensive experience handling both divorce and family law cases.
  • Reputation: To locate an attorney with an excellent reputation, read online reviews or request referrals from friends and colleagues.
  • Communication: Make sure your attorney communicates clearly and regularly.
  • Fee Structure: When researching providers, ensure their fees align with your budget.
  • Compatibility: Compatibility is of vital importance as divorce can be an emotional ordeal.


Why Choose Drama-Free Divorce?

Drama-Free Divorce is committed to providing you with exceptional legal support during your divorce proceedings. When selecting an attorney, we check all of the boxes. That is why you should choose us!

  • Extensive Experience: Our team of lawyers has extensive experience handling divorce and family law matters. You are in safe hands!
  • Outstanding Reputation: Thanks to our professionalism and commitment to clients, we have built up an outstanding reputation.
  • Transparent Communication: At our core, we take great pride in keeping you up-to-date at every stage.
  • Flexible Fee Structure: We can design a payment structure to fit within your budget.
  • Client-Centered: At Client Care Solutions we take great pride in meeting and exceeding your needs.


Suggestions for Action 

Consider what role you can play as a parent and how the divorce may impact the well-being of your children.

  • Assess your situation to identify the optimum time to hire a divorce attorney.
  • Engage potential attorneys and evaluate their experience, reputation, and communication style before selecting one to represent you.
  • Contact Drama-Free Divorce today and let us assist in helping you through the difficult transition period. We have extensive knowledge to assist with every stage of the divorce process and are here to guide and assist you throughout it all.

Parenting during a divorce can be challenging. By avoiding mistakes and seeking legal assistance for yourself and your children's well-being, this transition should become smoother and more successful. Contact us today at 816 615-5555 or send us an email on our Contact Page.

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