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Mistakes Often Made During a Child Custody Battle

Posted by Unknown | Jan 24, 2021 | 0 Comments

mistakes often made during a child custody battle

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Child custody battles can be emotionally draining and exhausting affairs. To make things less arduous and help steer clear of common mistakes, hire an experienced lawyer with ample courtroom experience, select reliable witnesses, and avoid common errors that arise in such conflicts. In this article, we'll examine typical duration and mistakes of custody fights, when to hire an attorney, when and how to select one, criteria to meet when choosing one, and provide action steps that will assist through this complex process.


8 mistakes that can cost you in a custody battle

Avoiding critical mistakes is of the utmost importance in any battle over child custody, so here are eight mistakes to avoid:

  1. Neglect of Child's Best Interest: Courts are most concerned about protecting and nurturing a child's well-being. Neglecting it could prove damaging. Put their needs ahead of yours!
  2. Badmouthing The Other Parent: Blasting the other parent in front of children or online may backfire and is strongly frowned upon by courts as this behavior could be seen as a bid to turn your child against him/her.
  3. Neglecting To Document Important Details: Keep a detailed record of interactions with both your child and ex-spouse, such as visitation schedules and communication, visitation concerns, or any concerns over their wellbeing.
  4. Skipping Mediation: Mediation should never be avoided as it often provides a more efficient and amicable means of settling custody disputes than court. Skipping this step could portray you as uncooperative.
  5. Contempt charges may be filed if you disobey court orders and fail to abide by them.
  6. Communication Failure: For optimal parenting arrangements, keep an open and respectful dialogue with your ex-spouse regarding parenting issues. Utilize any court-ordered tools in order to prevent miscommunication or any potential misunderstandings from arising.
  7. Moving Without Notifying The Court: Legal complications may result from changing your address without informing the appropriate parties in advance. Be proactive by informing everyone involved.
  8. Representing Yourself Without Legal Counsel: Legal battles over custody can be complicated legal processes that are best left to an experienced attorney. Without representation, these proceedings could become extremely dangerous.


How long do most custody battles last?

Child custody disputes often last from several months up to an entire year, according to the American Bar Association. They can sometimes even last beyond that depending on the complexity and willingness of both sides to collaborate.


What are the ideal witnesses to call in a custody case?

Credible witnesses can have an immense effect on the outcome of a custody trial, so courts often consider the following individuals to be reliable witnesses in custody cases:

  • Teachers: Teachers can offer invaluable insight into a child's academic performance, social interactions, and behavioral changes.
  • Doctors and Therapists: Medical professionals can offer invaluable information regarding both the physical and psychological well-being of children.
  • Childcare Providers: Childcare providers can vouch for your parenting abilities and how your child behaves while in your care.
  • Families and Friends: Individuals close to you will be able to provide character references that vouch for you, attesting that you can create a stable atmosphere in which to work.
  • Neighbors: Your neighbors have likely witnessed your interactions with your child and can attest to your parenting abilities.


Why hiring a divorce lawyer is better than not having one?

Hire an attorney: Hiring an attorney is essential when trying to navigate an arduous legal system on a narrow bridge without protection.

  • Legal Expertise: Attorneys possess extensive knowledge of family law and can ensure your case has a firm legal foundation.
  • Legal Advice That Is Impartial: In times of great emotion, maintaining impartiality can be challenging.
  • Paperwork and deadlines: Custody battles can involve an immense amount of paperwork, with strict deadlines attached. A lawyer will ensure everything is filed on time and properly.
  • Negotiation Skills: Experienced attorneys are adept at representing your interests during negotiations that could potentially result in a settlement outside of court.


When should you hire an attorney?

Your ideal strategy should be to contact an attorney as soon as you suspect a custody dispute, so they can immediately strategize, gather evidence, and guide mediation proceedings if needed. Delaying can have disastrous repercussions.


What criteria can be used to select an experienced attorney?

Finding a lawyer experienced in handling custody disputes is essential when facing legal battles over custody. When selecting an attorney, keep these factors in mind:

  • Experience: Look for an attorney with proven success in child custody and family law cases.
  • Communication: Make sure your attorney keeps you up-to-date and is always available.
  • Reputation: Review reviews and solicit recommendations in order to gauge an attorney's reputation and credibility.
  • Compatibility: Compatibility is of the utmost importance for an effective attorney-client relationship, so make sure your lawyer makes you feel confident and at ease.
  • Fees: To keep costs within your budget, always discuss fees upfront.


Why Choose Drama-Free Divorce?

At Drama-Free Divorce, we understand the emotional toll custody disputes can take on families. Our experienced family law attorneys have an impressive track record of successfully representing our clients' rights during legal battles. Open communication is of utmost importance, we want to keep you up-to-date with everything that's happening throughout. Furthermore, our service has earned a stellar reputation with transparent fee structures for your convenience.


Suggestions for Action

Navigating a custody battle can be complex and stressful, but you can do it in a manner that protects the interests of your child.

  • Consult an Attorney: For expert legal advice regarding your family law matter and options, arrange a meeting with an experienced family law attorney.
  • Gather Evidence: Begin collecting documents such as school records, communication logs, and medical files as evidence against you.
  • Respect your former partner and prioritize their children's welfare.
  • Attend Mediation: Whenever possible, mediation should be explored as an alternative to court proceedings.
  • Prepare for Court: If necessary, work closely with your lawyer in assembling a solid case in court.
  • Respect Court Orders: Obey any requirements set by the courts such as child support payments and visitation schedules with great rigor.
  • Prioritize Your Child: At all times, ensure the best interests of your child come first during any process involving them.

Child custody battles can be extremely complex and lengthy affairs. By avoiding common mistakes and finding credible witnesses to support your cause, your chances of achieving a positive outcome greatly increase. Your ultimate aim should be providing your child with an environment conducive to his or her development. Contact us today at 816 615-5555 or send us an email on our Contact Page.

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