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Observe Children's Behaviors During and After Divorce

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observe children's behaviors during and after divorce

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Children often react negatively to divorce, with behavioral changes being apparent as soon as it takes effect. In this article, we'll look at what impact divorce has on kids, provide insights into healthy signs of adjustment, discuss hiring a lawyer, and outline actionable steps parents can take as they navigate this difficult terrain.


What are the behavioral impacts of divorce on children?

Divorce can be an emotionally and financially draining event for families. The effects can be tremendously difficult on children's behavior and parents must remain cognizant of these changes in behavior in order to help their kids adjust better during this transitional phase. Here are a few changes parents should watch out for:

  • Emotional Turmoil: Children can experience an array of emotions ranging from anger, sadness and confusion.
  • Academic Performance: If your academic performance begins to wane, this could be a telltale sign of emotional strain.
  • Changes in Social Behavior: Some children withdraw, while others act out in order to cope.
  • Regression: Children may regress backward in terms of development, such as thumb-sucking or bedwetting.
  • Children Seek Reassurance: When transitioning into new living arrangements, children often look for comforting assurances from both their parents and living arrangements.
  • Conflict Avoidance: Children may attempt to avoid conflict as a means of decreasing tension.
  • Fears and Anxiety: Fears related to separation anxiety and abandonment are both very real issues.
  • Unwarranted Guilt: Children may mistakenly blame themselves when divorce occurs.


8 Behaviors to Watch Out for in Children of Divorce

Now let's examine these behaviors to gain more of an insight:

  1. Withdrawal from Activities: If your child stops engaging in activities they once loved, this could be a telltale sign of emotional distress.
  2. Temper Tantrums: Frequent and severe tantrums can serve as an outlet for emotions that have been suppressed for too long.
  3. Sleep Disturbances: Alterations in sleeping patterns could be an indicator of anxiety or stress.
  4. Changes In Friendships: Be on the lookout for any changes in their social circle. These could include new acquaintances being made, or old ones drifting apart.
  5. Risk-Taking Behavior: Children and teenagers may take risks as a means of coping.
  6. Physical Symptoms: Stomachaches and headaches that do not have medical causes could be an indicator of emotional distress.
  7. Be Wary of Any Declines in Self-Esteem: Watch out for any decrease in self-worth or excessive self-criticism, which might indicate low levels of confidence and reduced self-worth.
  8. Regression: Children may regress back into behaviors from their earlier years.


What are some indicators that children are adapting well after divorce?

As children develop and learn new things, it's crucial that parents keep an eye out for signs of healthy development as well as any behavioral changes that might occur.

  • Stability of Routines: Establishing and adhering to an established routine for children can be seen as a positive indicator.
  • Enhancement in Academic Performance: When grades improve or stabilize, this indicates increased emotional stability.
  • Effective Communication: Children who can express themselves openly are better equipped to adapt.
  • Maintain Healthy Relationships: Cultivating positive relationships with both parents and peers is an indication that life is moving in a healthy direction.
  • Emotional Expression: Encourage children to express themselves constructively when experiencing emotions that they find distressing. This will assist with their acclimatization process.


Why hiring a divorce attorney is better than going without one?

Divorce can be an emotional journey, which is why having access to an experienced divorce attorney offers many advantages:

  • Legal Knowledge: Attorneys understand the complexities of divorce laws and can protect your rights during a dissolution.
  • Mediation And Negotiation: These methods of conflict resolution can facilitate communication and lead to lessened conflicts.
  • Child Custody: An attorney can assist in creating fair and practical custody agreements that put your child's welfare first.
  • Asset Division: Hiring an attorney to facilitate the asset and liability division can ensure a fair distribution.
  • Reducing Stress: Legal representation can reduce stress and allow parents to focus on meeting the needs of their children.


When should you hire an attorney?

Timing is of utmost importance when hiring divorce attorneys. Here are a few factors you should keep in mind before selecting one:

  • Consult an attorney as soon as possible if your divorce involves complex matters such as child custody or significant assets.
  • Hiring an attorney as a mediator when there's a communication breakdown can be invaluable in the recovery of broken relationships.
  • If you are concerned about the safety or welfare of your child, consulting an attorney could be beneficial.


How can I select an effective attorney?

Selecting an experienced divorce lawyer is of utmost importance, so take note of these criteria when searching for one:

  • When selecting an attorney to represent you in family law cases such as divorce and custody arrangements, seek one with extensive knowledge in these matters.
  • Review their online reviews and recommendations to gain more insight.
  • An effective process relies on having an excellent relationship between attorney and client.
  • Make sure they communicate promptly and clearly.
  • Understanding their fees and making sure they fit within your budget are of utmost importance.


Why Choose Drama-Free Divorce?

At Drama-Free Divorce, we meet all the qualifications for being considered top attorneys. Our team of specialists is highly knowledgeable in family law and focused on keeping the welfare of your children in mind at all times. Additionally, we offer compassionate support during times of stress during a separation.

  • Track Record of Success: Our attorneys have an outstanding record in successfully handling divorce cases and securing positive outcomes for each.
  • Strategy that Puts Client Needs First: Our strategies take into account your individual requirements first and foremost.
  • Child-Focused Approach: We put the needs of your children first, striving to develop a fair and stable custody arrangement that best serves their interests.
  • Flexible Payment Plans: We offer payment plans designed to ease the financial strain associated with divorce proceedings.


Suggestions for Action 

Divorcing can be a difficult process for children involved, but taking these steps will ease their transition.

  • Consult an Attorney for Divorce: Consult with a divorce attorney in order to understand your rights and options during this challenging process.
  • Prioritize Communication: Engage in an honest, open, and age-appropriate dialogue with your children regarding the divorce.
  • Seek Counseling: Counseling can provide both you and your child with invaluable support to manage emotions and adapt to change.
  • Focus On Co-parenting: Together with your ex, strive to provide your child with an environment that is stable and supportive.
  • Monitor Behavior Changes: Always pay close attention to any sudden behavioral changes in your child, and seek professional assistance if necessary.
  • Staying Informed: Make an effort to remain educated on divorce and its effect on children so that you can make informed decisions.

Divorce can have a profound impact on children, yet parents can provide the support and resources necessary to navigate them through this difficult period. An experienced lawyer from Drama-Free Divorce can ensure a smooth transition for you and your family during this period of change. Contact us today at 816 615-5555 or send us an email on our Contact Page.

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