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Private Investigators And Divorce

Posted by Drama Free Divorce | Feb 12, 2020 | 0 Comments

private investigators and divorce

Drama-Free Divorce is committed to helping those searching for "private investigators and divorcing". We will provide a comprehensive guide during this difficult period. Missouri and Kansas residents looking for affordable financing solutions will find our financing plans affordable, starting with monthly payments at $500, our fixed-cost pricing eliminates unexpected additional costs. The simplified procedure ensures no court appearances and associated stress. Our attorneys not only understand but are compassionate when helping people through this difficult time.

We will explore the advantages and disadvantages of getting a private investigator before discussing when hiring one in your case. Furthermore, we'll outline why having an attorney is vitally important, including how to find one and action steps you should take so your divorce goes as smoothly as possible.


Do You Need a Private Investigator for Your Divorce Case?

Divorce can be an emotional journey with plenty of twists and turns. Some individuals turn to private investigators in order to gather essential evidence that could have an effect on their proceedings - but is hiring one really necessary? Let's explore.


Pros And Cons Of Hiring A Private Investigator For Your Divorce Case


  • Discover Hidden Wealth: Private investigators specialize in unearthing hidden assets.
  • Gathering Evidence: If you suspect infidelity or questionable behavior in your relationship, a private investigator can gather evidence that can either support or refute these suspicions.
  • Child Custody Cases: When disputes over child custody arise, hiring a private investigator (PI) to assess both parents' fitness for custody can help determine who will win their dispute.


  • Costly: Hiring private investigators can add another expense to an already expensive process.
  • Legal Limitations: Evidence collected by private investigators may not be admissible in court proceedings.
  • Emotional Cost: Revealing sensitive information can be emotionally taxing.


When should a private investigator be employed?

Your case's specific circumstances will dictate whether or not hiring a private investigator is necessary. Consider these scenarios.

Suspected Infidelity: If you suspect your spouse of infidelity, hiring a private investigator (PI) could help expose the truth and potentially impact divorce proceedings.

Hidden Assets: If there are suspicions of hidden assets, private investigators can conduct a detailed investigation.


Why hiring a divorce attorney is better than going without one?

Private investigators may prove beneficial, but an experienced divorce attorney cannot be underestimated in terms of effectiveness.


When should you retain an attorney?

Consult an attorney as early as possible in your legal journey to ensure you're fully informed and can make wise decisions.


What criteria must be considered when searching for an attorney?

Finding the appropriate attorney is of vital importance. Consider these criteria when searching for your ideal legal representative:

  • Experience: For maximum success in family law matters and divorce cases, select an attorney with considerable expertise in these areas.
  • Communication: Select someone who can effectively convey their information and keep you up-to-date at all times.
  • Reputation: Testimonials and reviews can provide valuable insight into an attorney's reputation.


Why Choose Drama-Free Divorce?

Drama-Free Divorce is dedicated to providing comprehensive support. We understand the complexities associated with divorce, which is why our services stand out:

  • Experience: Our attorneys possess many years of experience practicing family law and divorce cases. When working with us, you will benefit from working with professionals with proven expertise in this area of law.
  • Transparent Communication: At our core, our priority is transparent and honest communication with you throughout every stage of the process. We ensure you remain updated at every turn.
  • Proven Reputation: Our clients and past performance are a testament to our outstanding performance.


Suggestions for Action 

  • Assess Your Situation: Determine whether hiring a private investigator would be suitable in your specific case.
  • Consult an Attorney: For optimal results in the divorce process, seek advice from an experienced divorce attorney early on in the process.
  • Document Your Financial and Assets Concerns: Start collecting documents pertaining to your finances, assets, and concerns.
  • Establish a Support Network: Surround yourself with friends, family, and professionals who can offer emotional and practical assistance.

Making decisions informedly - such as selecting an experienced divorce attorney or private investigator - can make your journey less daunting and produce positive outcomes for all involved parties. Contact us today at 816 615-5555 or send us an email on our Contact Page.

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