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What Does a Parenting Coordinator Do?

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what does a parenting coordinator do

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Parenting coordinators can be invaluable resources when co-parenting after or during a divorce is challenging, offering parents guidance through shared parenting issues. This article will detail what parenting coordination entails, its advantages and drawbacks, when and why to hire an attorney, how to find one, and why our firm might be an appropriate option.


What Is a Parenting Coordinator?

Parenting coordinators are unsung heroes in co-parenting. Think of them as mediators who help guide parents through the complexities of shared parenting after divorce. Take a look at what they do:

  • Conflict Resolution: Parenting coordinators are professionals trained to facilitate peaceful co-parenting relationships. They assist parents in finding common ground and making decisions that serve their child's best interests.
  • Communication Facilitation: Communication plays a central role in co-parenting. Parenting coordinators facilitate healthy, effective conversations among parents to ensure information regarding children flows freely between parent households.
  • Decision-Making Aid: Parenting coordinators provide invaluable assistance when parents cannot agree on certain issues, such as schooling, medical treatment, or extracurricular programs for their children. Furthermore, these experts help parents make decisions that will serve the best interests of the children in question.
  • Education and Guidance: These services offer parents invaluable insights about child development, co-parenting relationships, legal matters associated with custody arrangements, and much more.
  • Documentation: Parenting coordinators keep records of their interactions and decisions that could prove useful should any disputes or legal proceedings arise.

Let's discuss five reasons for hiring a parenting coordinator.


Five Reasons to Work With A Parenting Coordinator

  1. Conflict Resolution: According to research from the American Psychological Association (APA), high conflict between divorcing parents can have devastating repercussions for their children, leading to emotional turmoil for both parties involved and for any accompanying minor children. A parenting coordinator may act as a mediator between these parties in order to reduce this emotional turmoil for all concerned.
  2. Efficient Decision-Making: Parenting Coordinators provide decision-making and help reduce battles over issues like visitation schedules and holiday arrangements, saving both time and money in the process.
  3. Child-Centered Approach: These programs put children's welfare and interests first. Studies have demonstrated that shared custody arrangements benefit more when both parents can work cooperatively to achieve amicable solutions for them both.
  4. Communication Improvement: Effective co-parenting depends upon open and respectful communication between former spouses, so having a parenting coordinator on board will assist with improving them to avoid misinterpretations or conflict in co-parenting.
  5. Legal Assistance: Although parenting coordinators aren't attorneys, they possess an in-depth knowledge of family laws that will allow them to guide you through all the legalities associated with co-parenting - saving time and money by not needing to consult an attorney regularly.


What are the pros and cons of having a parenting coordinator?

As with any decision, hiring a parenting consultant comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few to keep in mind.


  • Conflict Mitigation Services: They may help alleviate both financial and emotional strain caused by court battles.
  • Time and Cost-Effective: Hiring a parenting coordinator is more cost-effective than hiring an attorney in every instance.
  • Child-Centric Approach: These approaches place great importance on meeting the needs of your children and ensure they do so successfully.
  • Educational Support: Receive expert guidance regarding co-parenting, child development, and more.


  • Additional Expense: Hiring a parenting coordinator may add extra costs to your budget, yet can still be an affordable solution.
  • Limitation of Legal Authority: For serious legal matters, an attorney will still likely be necessary.
  • Not Suitable In All Situations: Parenting coordinators may not always be effective when it comes to cases of extreme hostility or domestic violence. Legal action may be required as a solution.
  • Privacy Concerns: Some parents feel uneasy with allowing third-party access to sensitive family data.


Why it is preferable to hire a divorce attorney instead of going it alone?

Parenting coordinators can be invaluable in making co-parenting easier, but in certain circumstances, their expertise may be required as part of a divorce case.

  • Legal Expertise: Attorneys have in-depth knowledge of family law and will protect your rights during a divorce process.
  • Court Representation: Should negotiations fail completely, an experienced attorney will need to represent your interests in court proceedings.
  • Document Prep: Divorce requires extensive paperwork. An attorney can assist in making sure it's filed and completed correctly.
  • Asset Division: When it comes to complex financial arrangements or substantial assets, consulting an attorney is invaluable.


When should you hire an attorney?

Know when it makes sense to seek legal advice. Below are a few scenarios when hiring an attorney would make sense:

  • High Conflict Levels: Hiring an attorney as your advocate could be invaluable if communications between yourself and your former spouse become challenging due to high levels of conflict.
  • Complex Assets: An attorney is ideally equipped to guide clients through complex financial matters such as joint ventures or assets of significant value.
  • Child Custody Wars: If one parent wants full custody, or is not acting in their best interests, an attorney is necessary to defend your parental rights and safeguard their welfare.
  • Legal Compliance: If your former partner has failed to abide by court orders, agreements, or any other obligations as set out by law, taking legal action may be necessary.


What are the criteria to select an effective attorney?

Finding a qualified attorney is paramount to success, so take note of these key criteria:

  • When hiring an attorney to represent you in divorce and family law cases, look for one with extensive expertise.
  • Visit reviews online and seek recommendations from family or friends who have gone through similar experiences.
  • Look for an attorney who provides regular updates and communicates effectively throughout your case.
  • Discuss fees upfront to make sure they fit within your budget, some attorneys offer flexible payment plans.
  • Your attorney must make you feel at ease when discussing personal matters with them, which is key for building a long-term relationship between both of you.


Why Choose Drama-Free Divorce?

Drama-Free Divorce meets every expectation when it comes to representing your interests in family law and divorce proceedings. Our family law attorneys are specialists in their respective fields, providing you with all of the support you require during this challenging period.

  • Proven Track Record: Our clients and cases have enjoyed tremendous success under our direction.
  • Client-Driven Approach: At our firm, our services put the needs and concerns of the client first, maintaining an open dialogue throughout their case.
  • Affordability: Our flexible payment options and affordable fees help make divorce more accessible.
  • Compassion and Understanding: At our law firm, our attorneys take great pride in serving their client's best interests with compassion and understanding. Not just lawyers themselves but rather caring people dedicated to your well-being are on board with us.


Suggestions for Action

Once you understand the role of divorce lawyers and parenting coordinators, here are some suggestions for action to be taken:

  • Assess Your Situation: Take time to carefully consider how co-parenting and divorce may play out in your situation.
  • Consider Hiring a Parenting Coordinator: If communication between parent and child is becoming problematic, hiring a coordinator might be worth exploring as an option.
  • Consult an Attorney: If your situation requires legal expertise, arrange to meet with a divorce lawyer immediately.
  • Choose an Attorney after Conducting Research: It is essential to do your homework when selecting an attorney that best meets both your needs and values. Doing your research can help ensure you select a great advocate.
  • Contact Drama-Free Divorce: If you feel that legal assistance is necessary, do not hesitate to reach out - our legal professionals are here to guide you through this difficult process with compassion and expertise.

Co-parenting can be a complex journey that is best navigated with the assistance of an attorney or parenting coordinator. Co-parenting's ultimate purpose is to ensure your children have a smooth transition. Contact us today at 816 615-5555 or send us an email on our Contact Page.

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