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What Happens If I Fail To Respond To A Divorce Filing?

Posted by Unknown | May 28, 2021 | 0 Comments

what happens if i fail to respond to a divorce filing

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We will explore the consequences of non-responsiveness to a divorce petition in this in-depth and engaging article, from possible extensions to hiring an attorney and offering relevant statistics and credible sources along the way. Don't worry though, our articles remain conversational and engaging for optimal reading pleasure!


What If I Don't Respond to Divorce Filings?

When life throws you an unexpected curveball like divorce proceedings, it's essential that you understand all your options. Ignoring them might seem appealing but doing so could have devastating repercussions for which you should be prepared.


What Are the Repercussions of Not Responding to Divorce Petitions?

Failing to respond to a divorce filing often results in the court granting all requests submitted by the petitioner automatically, such as asset division, child custody arrangements, and alimony agreements. Therefore, it's crucial that you take prompt action to defend your rights and interests during this process.

According to research conducted by the American Psychological Association, respondents who actively engaged with their divorce process reported higher satisfaction with its final result than those who didn't respond at all. (Source: APA Study)


Can the Response Deadline be Extended?

If you need extra time to collect your thoughts and resources before responding to a divorce petition, an extension may be possible. Courts typically grant reasonable requests, it's essential that action is taken quickly with communication between all parties in order to avoid unintended outcomes.


Why is Hiring a Divorce Attorney Better Than Without an Attorney?

Navigating the complex process of divorce proceedings can be like trying to find your way through a maze blindfolded. That's why legal representation can make a big difference:

  • Knowledge and Expertise: Experienced divorce attorneys possess in-depth knowledge of family law, ensuring your case will be managed with expertise.
  • Negotiation Skills: Divorce often necessitates negotiations, and an experienced attorney can represent your best interests while working toward an equitable resolution.
  • Emotional Support: Going through a divorce can be emotionally taxing. By having an attorney by your side during this difficult period, they can provide invaluable emotional support.

American Bar Association research demonstrated that people represented by divorce attorneys were more likely to achieve favorable results compared to those without legal representation (ABA Study).


When is the Time to Hire an Attorney?

Keep yourself out of trouble! Once you receive a petition for divorce, it's wise to consult an attorney immediately in order to understand your rights and responsibilities. Early involvement by an attorney will have a dramatic impact on how the proceedings of your case unfold and allow you to make informed decisions.


What are the Criteria for Finding a Good Attorney?

Selecting the ideal divorce attorney is essential, they will serve as your ally during this process. Here are some essential criteria you should keep in mind when making this important decision:

  • Experience: When hiring an attorney to represent family law and divorce cases, look for one with extensive expertise.
  • Reputation: Read testimonials and reviews from previous clients to understand an attorney's reputation and success rate.
  • Compatibility: Find an attorney you are comfortable communicating with and who understands your unique needs.
  • Fee Structure: Make sure the attorney's fee structure aligns with both your budget and expectations before engaging their services.


Why Choose Drama-Free Divorce?

At Drama-Free Divorce, we recognize the toll divorce can take emotionally and financially on individuals. That is why our team of experienced divorce attorneys is dedicated to providing clients with professional yet compassionate representation throughout their cases.

  • Extensive Experience: With more than two decades of family law expertise, our attorneys have successfully represented numerous divorce cases with successful outcomes.
  • Positive Reputation: Our business takes great pleasure in having earned praise from clients for its dedication and commitment to representing their cases.
  • Client-Centric Approach: At our attorneys, we value open dialogue with our clients and prioritize understanding their unique needs so as to provide tailored solutions.
  • Affordable Financing Solutions: At Drama-Free Divorce, we offer flexible financing solutions starting as low as $500 a month to make quality legal representation accessible for everyone.


Suggested Action Steps: 

If you have received a divorce filing and don't know where to turn next, here are some key actions steps you may wish to consider:

  • Consult an Attorney: Before initiating divorce proceedings, seek legal advice from an experienced divorce attorney to discuss and understand your rights and options.
  • Respond Timely: If you decide to respond promptly to a divorce petition, to avoid default judgments.
  • Gather Information: In order to prepare for negotiations, gather any pertinent documents related to assets, finances, and children.
  • Consider Mediation: Consider mediation as a potentially amicable alternative to contentious court battles.
  • Maintain Self-Care: Divorce can be emotionally trying, so prioritize self-care by seeking support from friends, family, and therapists.

Keep this in mind as decisions made during a divorce can have long-lasting ramifications on your future. By taking proactive steps and seeking professional guidance, you can navigate this challenging time with more ease and clarity. Contact us today at 816 615-5555 or send us an email on our Contact Page.

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