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Why Divorce Rates Are Rising

Posted by Crissy Del Percio | Nov 19, 2019 | 0 Comments

why divorce rates are rising

Divorce rates remain high and complex in the divorce field, and marriages often dissolve due to emotional, economic, and social strains. Understanding why relationships end provides invaluable insight for legal professionals as well as couples navigating their way through these challenging waters of separation and divorce.

Social norms and expectations contribute to higher divorce rates, as traditional views prioritize longevity. Modern perspectives prioritize individual happiness, leading couples to reconsider relationships and consider divorce if expectations aren't met or personal growth benefits both parties.

Communication breakdowns are a major cause of divorce, often seen in divorce cases where couples struggle to communicate their expectations, needs, and grievances effectively. These issues can lead to resentment, and emotional detachment, and weaken marriage foundations, making them more susceptible to strains that ultimately lead to divorce.

Financial stressors, such as debt, unemployment, and divergent financial goals, are major contributors to divorce rates. These issues can increase marital tensions and strain the marriage bond, leading to disagreements over spending habits, budgeting, or management practices. Divorce lawyers often intervene to help couples manage these complications.

Modern marriage dynamics heavily rely on gender roles and expectations, as couples navigate changing societal norms and redefine traditional roles in the workplace and household. This can lead to tensions and disagreements, as seen in many divorce cases.

Infidelity significantly disrupts marital stability, with emotional effects that vary from person to person. Betrayals of trust have severe consequences, and when breached, it becomes even more difficult. Divorce proceedings often involve accusations of infidelity, requiring legal professionals to navigate these delicate waters while seeking solutions that respect both parties involved.

Divorce rates can be affected by numerous factors, including cultural and religious diversity. An increasingly interconnected world where people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds form unions poses unique challenges to marriages; differing beliefs, values, and expectations often make finding common ground difficult; such cases necessitate nuanced approaches to divorce law.

Mental health issues are now recognized as crucial for marital stability, and stigma has decreased, encouraging open discussions and seeking help. Depression, anxiety, and substance use disorders can significantly strain relationships, while abuse can further erode them.

Divorce rates in modern society are influenced by socioeconomic and interpersonal factors, making legal advice empathetic and tailored to each situation. Couples can benefit from understanding and accepting factors leading to divorces, encouraging open communication, and taking proactive steps to strengthen relationships. Identifying and managing complex relationships can lead to stronger, more resilient marriages with fewer chances of failure in the future.

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Crissy Del Percio

Crissy Del Percio is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law. Additionally, she received her undergraduate degrees in Journalism (News and Information) and Communication Studies from the world-renowned home of the Jayhawks – the University of Kansas. She has been practicing law for a decade and spent the first part of her career specializing in helping low-income survivors of domestic violence. Now at Drama-Free Divorce, Crissy enjoys helping people consciously uncouple. She is also a Guardian Ad Litem and domestic mediator. Crissy has won a number of prestigious awards for her work in public service, but you likely recognize her from her acting career, where she is also an award-winner. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her egregiously overpriced dog, Augustus Rodham and knitting. 


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