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Will I Get Custody?

Posted by Unknown | Jun 15, 2020 | 0 Comments

will i get custody

Drama-Free Divorce can assist and guide you if you're wondering 'Will I get custody?' Drama-Free Divorce provides the residents of Missouri and Kansas with financial options starting as low as $500 per month. Our pricing is always predictable and transparent to minimize surprises. Plus we reduce stress by requiring minimal court appearances and our lawyers are not only highly skilled but also compassionate, providing professional but friendly assistance during this phase of life.

This article provides guidance on the decision process for child custody decisions, outlining key considerations that impact outcomes and how our firm meets all criteria necessary. Take actionable steps now in order to navigate this complex journey successfully!


Who's more likely to obtain custody?

Decisions surrounding custody can be emotionally charged experiences. It's essential to remember that court decisions regarding child custody will always consider what's in their best interests when making these determinations, taking factors like living conditions, financial support, and emotional well-being into consideration as they make this determination.


What factors do courts consider when making custody decisions?

When making decisions regarding custody, courts consider several factors:

  • Child Welfare: Your first priority must always be their well-being.
  • Form an Emotional Bond: Establishing an emotional connection with your child is of vital importance.
  • Stability: Courts tend to give custody to parents who can provide an environment in which children can grow safely.
  • Health and Safety: All parents' physical and emotional well-being will be assessed during an assessment visit.
  • Co-Parenting Capability: The court will conduct a joint evaluation of both parents' abilities to co-parent.
  • Child Preferences: Occasionally, it's wise to consider the preferences and needs of children of certain maturity and age when making decisions for them.


How can you gain full custody of your child?

If you want full custody, it is vitally important that you demonstrate your dedication to their well-being by undertaking initiatives such as:

  • Create A Proactive Parenting Plan: Develop an in-depth plan describing your role as the parent to guide the child effectively.
  • Create a Stable Environment: To provide the safest possible living experience for your child.
  • Support Evidence: Provide evidence of consistent emotional and financial assistance.
  • Legal Advice: For assistance navigating through the legal maze of divorce proceedings, hire an experienced divorce lawyer.


Why hiring a divorce attorney is better than going it alone?

Divorce attorneys can increase your chances of securing favorable child custody arrangements. Here's why:

  • Legal Expertise: Attorneys possess extensive knowledge of family law and custody issues.
  • Negotiation Skills: Our professionals possess expert negotiation techniques that can help achieve optimal outcomes for you.
  • Reducing Stress: By hiring a lawyer to oversee all legal issues for your child, you can focus on their emotional and physical well-being instead.
  • Legal Protection: Attorneys provide invaluable protection for their clients at every turn in the process.
  • Objective Perspective: An objective viewpoint can provide a balanced and impartial assessment of your case.


When should you hire an attorney?

Even though you can represent yourself, it may be wiser to seek legal assistance when handling complex or contentious custody disputes. Consult an attorney early in the process so they can assist with making informed decisions and prevent potential pitfalls later on.


What are the criteria for selecting a good attorney?

Finding the appropriate lawyer is vitally important. Consider these criteria:

  • Experience: When selecting an attorney to handle custody or family law cases, look for one with proven success in these matters.
  • Communication: Communication is key, and your lawyer must be responsive and attentive.
  • Reputation: Read reviews and testimonials of previous customers.
  • Legal Fees: Plan out your legal costs early so they are within your budget.
  • Compatibility: Finding an attorney you feel at ease working with is vitally important.


Why Choose Drama-Free Divorce?

Drama-Free Divorce strives to achieve the most satisfactory outcomes for its clients. Our experienced team of family law attorneys has an established track record with child custody cases. Furthermore, we commit ourselves to transparent legal fees and open communication so you are informed and comfortable throughout this process.


Suggestions for Action

  • Consult an Attorney: Prior to initiating any custody proceeding, it is advisable to speak with an experienced attorney so as to fully comprehend all available options and strategies.
  • Establish a Parenting Plan: It is vitally important that parents develop a parenting plan that clearly displays their commitment to the well-being of their child.
  • Maintain a Stable Environment: For the sake of your children's well-being and security, ensure your home remains undamaged and unaffected.
  • Show Your Child Your Support: Make sure that you provide consistent financial and emotional assistance for your child.
  • Search Attorneys: Find an attorney with experience, an excellent track record, and superb communication abilities.
  • Schedule a Consultation: Reach out to us and schedule a consultation - we will go over your situation and help determine the most suitable custody arrangement for your child.

Child custody decisions depend on various factors. When considering full custody of your child, careful planning and consideration are needed. Hiring an experienced attorney increases your odds of success - when searching, make sure communication, experience, reputation, and compatibility are top of mind. At our law firm, we stand ready to guide you through this challenging process and help secure the best possible result for your children. Contact us today at 816 615-5555 or send us an email on our Contact Page.

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