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Are Divorce Attorney Fees Dischargeable?

Posted by Unknown | Aug 20, 2021 | 0 Comments

are divorce attorney fees dischargeable

Drama Free Divorce is dedicated to assisting individuals that are searching for an answer to the question 'are divorce attorney fees dischargeable? As part of our commitment to transparent pricing and fixed cost structures, we offer affordable financing solutions with rates as low as $500 per month, designed exclusively for residents in Kansas City from Missouri and Kansas. You can rest easy knowing our fixed cost structure guarantees no unexpected fees; by trusting us with your case you can avoid the stress and inconvenience associated with court appearances; our team of compassionate yet highly-skilled attorneys is there for support through this difficult time in life.

This article delves deep into the topic of whether divorce attorney fees can be discharged in bankruptcy. It offers insights into how various debts resulting from a divorce may be discharged in bankruptcy, as well as emphasizing the value of hiring an experienced lawyer. Furthermore, this piece offers guidance as to when and how legal aid should be sought before concluding by discussing our firm.


What is Bankruptcy Discharge?

Before we explore the ability of attorney fees to be discharged in bankruptcy, let's first define what bankruptcy discharge means. A bankruptcy discharge is a court order which relieves debtors of personal liability for certain debts; effectively providing them with a fresh start financially by eliminating or reducing obligations to creditors.


Are Attorney Fees from Divorce Dischargeable in Bankruptcy?

Dischargeability of divorce attorney fees depends on the specifics of a case. In general, attorney fees associated with a divorce are considered dischargeable in bankruptcy proceedings - though there may be exceptions.


What Debts from My Divorce Can be Discharged Under Bankruptcy?

Unbankruptcy may provide relief for debts incurred from divorce proceedings. Some examples:

  • Unsecured Debts: Unsecured debts that arise during the divorce process, such as credit card bills and personal loans, may often be discharged.
  • Spousal Support or Alimony: In general, spousal support (also referred to as alimony) obligations cannot typically be discharged. However, specific circumstances may allow for this debt relief option.
  • Child Support: Child support obligations typically cannot be discharged in bankruptcy court as priority is given to protecting the financial well-being of children by guaranteeing they continue receiving support payments.


Do I Need a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Navigating the complex laws surrounding bankruptcy law can be daunting, so seeking assistance from a skilled bankruptcy attorney is highly recommended to make the process smoother and increase your odds of a positive outcome. An experienced attorney can assess your situation, determine which debts qualify for discharge, and guide you through all legal steps needed.


Why Is Hiring a Divorce Attorney Better Than Proceeding Without Legal Representation?

Though it can be tempting to attempt to navigate a divorce on your own, having legal representation offers numerous key advantages:

  • Knowledge and Expertise: Divorce attorneys possess in-depth knowledge of family law and the intricacies associated with divorce proceedings, so they can ensure your rights are protected during complex legal procedures and assist in safeguarding them.
  • Objective Advice: An attorney is there to offer objective guidance during emotionally charged periods, so they can assist in making informed decisions and negotiate effectively with your spouse's legal representation.
  • Legal Documentation: Divorce involves extensive paperwork and documentation, so an attorney is essential in making sure all required documents are complete, correctly submitted on time, and submitted within the required deadlines.


When is the Time to Hire an Attorney?

Hiring a divorce attorney as soon as possible in the process is usually recommended, to benefit from their guidance throughout negotiations, property division and custody disputes or possible bankruptcy implications.


What are the Criteria for Finding a Good Attorney?

Consider these criteria when searching for a divorce attorney:

  • Experience: When seeking legal counsel for family and divorce law cases, experience is of utmost importance.
  • Reputation: Seek referrals from trusted sources, read online reviews of attorneys and make sure their track record speaks for itself.
  • Communication Skills: Acquiring an attorney who listens carefully, clearly explains legal concepts, and promptly responds to queries is of utmost importance.
  • Compatibility: Finding an attorney you feel at ease working with and who understands your unique circumstances is of utmost importance.


Why Choose Our Firm?

At Drama Free Divorce, we meet the criteria outlined above and strive to provide exceptional legal representation. Our team of compassionate and professional family lawyers specializes in divorce cases with extensive experience. Our focus on effective communication ensures we meet each of our client's specific needs while our fixed pricing structure helps ease financial strain during an already trying time.


Suggested Action Steps:

  • Inspect your finances and consider bankruptcy as a viable solution.
  • Once this decision has been made, seek legal advice from an experienced bankruptcy attorney who can assess whether any divorce-related debts can be discharged through bankruptcy.
  • Consider hiring an experienced divorce attorney who will guide and protect your interests through the divorce process.
  • Gather all relevant paperwork and financial data before meeting with them.
  • Maintain an open line of communication with your attorney and actively take part in decision-making processes.

In conclusion, while bankruptcy's ability to discharge divorce attorney fees depends on each situation, seeking guidance from an experienced attorney is critical in successfully navigating your divorce. By understanding the complexities of the law and making informed decisions throughout your divorce proceedings with confidence and toward a positive resolution, you can navigate your way to an equitable outcome. Contact us today at 816 615-5555 or send us an email on our Contact Page.

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