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Divorce and the Covert Narcissist: What You Need to Know?

Posted by Unknown | Jun 30, 2021 | 0 Comments

what to look out when divorcing a covert narcissist

If you are searching for ‘what to look out for when divorcing a covert narcissist?' then Drama Free Divorce is committed to answering your inquiries. Our unique approach offers affordable financing options starting as low as $500 per month to residents in both Missouri and Kansas living in Kansas City. With fixed-cost pricing and no hidden fees, you'll have an accurate understanding of your expenses. With no court appearances necessary due to our process, court stress can often be avoided entirely - all while being treated professionally by our compassionate yet sensitive lawyers throughout this difficult journey. Let us be your guides toward an uncomplicated divorce journey!

Divorcing a covert narcissist can be an emotionally charged journey. Here we explore key points to remember when making decisions during this arduous process - from recognizing their characteristics to communication tips and the value of hiring a divorce attorney - all designed to assist you with making well-informed choices during this trying time. Our aim is to make this journey as smooth and compassionately guided as possible during such trying times.


What Should Be Considered When Divorcing a Covert Narcissist?

  • Constant manipulation and gaslighting confuse and control you.
  • Lack of empathy or consideration for your feelings and needs. Attempts at turning others against you through smear campaigns.
  • Emotional volatility with sudden mood swings.
  • Children may be used as leverage in divorce proceedings.

Remind yourself that knowledge is your greatest weapon during this process, so educate yourself about narcissist traits and behaviors to ensure the health of both your emotional well-being and that of those around you.


What to Expect When Divorcing a Covert Narcissist?

Divorcing a covert narcissist is unlike any other divorce experience. These individuals often display manipulative behavior and their primary goal is control, making this an extremely volatile process. You should expect emotional manipulation, gaslighting, and other tactics intended to undermine confidence and assertiveness during this process - however armed with knowledge and support can enable you to navigate these difficulties more successfully.


Tips for Divorcing a Covert Narcissist: 

Here are some Communication Strategies when Divorcing an Individual With Covert Narcissism:

  • Setting firm and clear boundaries to guard yourself against emotional harm.
  • Utilize written channels of communication as records of interactions.
  • Avoid emotional reactions by remaining focused on facts
  • Seek support from friends, family, or therapists to cope with emotional stressors.

Navigating communication with an uninvited covert narcissist can be draining, but remaining composed and assertive will allow you to maintain control of the situation.


Why is Hiring a Divorce Attorney Better Than Going Without?

Divorcing a covert narcissist can be daunting, and having legal assistance by your side is essential in helping ease the process. A divorce attorney not only offers legal expertise but can act as a buffer between you and your ex-spouse reducing direct confrontations and emotional distress.


When is It Time to Hire an Attorney?

Whenever there's any suspicion that your spouse might be an undisclosed narcissist, it is wise to consult an attorney early. A legal professional can help you understand your rights, prepare for potential challenges and develop a strategic plan designed to protect your interests.


What Are the Key Criteria for Selecting an Attorney?

Consider these criteria when selecting an attorney to represent you during this delicate time:

  • Experience: When hiring an attorney to represent you in your divorce case involving multiple high-conflict personalities, seek someone with extensive experience handling these types of cases.
  • Empathy: Look for an attorney who demonstrates genuine care for you and who understands the emotional complexities involved with divorcing an overt narcissist.
  • Communication Skills: A good attorney should keep you updated throughout the legal process, explaining legalese in an understandable and straightforward manner.
  • Negotiation Skills: Your attorney must possess expert negotiation skills in order to achieve the optimal result without engaging in unnecessary legal battles.


Why Choose Drama-Free Divorce and How Do We Meet Criteria Set Out?

Drama-Free Divorce specializes in helping clients through complex divorce proceedings, particularly those involving covert narcissists. With years of experience and our compassionate approach to each case handled successfully by us, our firm offers you the support needed to navigate this challenging journey with confidence.

We pride ourselves on effective communication and transparency, regularly providing updates and promptly responding to any concerns that arise. Our skilled negotiators will work tirelessly toward finding acceptable settlements on your behalf that save both time and money - along with emotional strain.


Suggested Action Steps:

  • Educate Yourself: Acquiring knowledge on covert narcissism and its typical tactics is crucial in protecting yourself against emotional manipulation.
  • Consult an Attorney: Seeking legal advice early can help you understand your rights and create a game plan for navigating the divorce process more successfully.
  • Establish Clear Boundaries: Establish clear boundaries with your ex-spouse to minimize emotional turmoil.
  • Establish a Support Network: Seek emotional support from friends, family or therapists as you go through your divorce proceedings.
  • Choose an Attentive Attorney: Select an attorney with experience handling high-conflict cases who understand how best to deal with covert narcissists.
  • Stay Calm: Maintain composure and focus on the facts during interactions with your former spouse.

Divorcing an indirect narcissist may present unique difficulties, but with proper advice and support, you can navigate this challenging terrain successfully and emerge stronger on the other side. Contact us today at 816 615-5555 or send us an email on our Contact Page.

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