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What can I expect the Drama Free Divorce process to be like?

Our goal is to make this as easy as possible. You will give us some basic information and we will do all the work from there, with usually no court appearances necessary.  

How to file for divorce? What do you need to know from me?

To begin your intake process, we need your first name and last name, and
an email address to contact you.

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What kinds of cases do you handle?

  • Divorce
  • Paternity
  • Motion-to-Modify
  • Parenting Plans
  • Motion-to-Modify Child Support

What can I expect the DFD process to be like?

Our goal is to make this as easy as possible. You will give us some basic information and we will do all the work from there, with usually no court appearances necessary.  

What is the philosophy of Drama-Free Divorce?

Divorce doesn't have to involve a lot of drama.  At Drama-Free Divorce, our goal is to provide a new way of looking at divorce.  The entire process down to the pricing is transparent – from the first call, to the closing letter. Our firm is tailored to those who have a desire to divorce with ease and leave the drama at the door.

How can DFD assist me during a divorce?

  • Establishing or modifying child support
  • Maintenance (aka Spousal Support/Alimony) 
  • Division of Assets and Debts (i.e. amounts, terms, etc.)
  • Establishing or Modifying Parenting Plans

Can you help if we need child support with our divorce?

Yes, Drama-Free Divorce will explain the calculation and help find the best resolution possible. When it comes to children, we always want to ensure that the best interest of the child/children are taken into consideration. We can help you find the most ideal resolution possible when it comes to co-parenting, child support and parenting plans. 

What is the difference between a typical contested divorce and an uncontested divorce?

A contested divorce is when all assets, debts and custody matters could be litigated. An uncontested divorce through Drama-Free Divorce is for parties who can come to an agreement in all aspects of their assets, debts, and child custody if applicable. 

How often will we communicate about the divorce proceedings?

Drama-Free Divorce will have introductory paperwork for you to fill out, and from there, we will walk you through the process.

How long will it take to finalize the divorce?

There is a 30 day waiting period in Missouri, and 60 days in Kansas after filing a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.  Once your file has been opened, you can expect to be divorced in 90 days. 

How can I pay for my divorce?

Drama-Free Divorce has multiple payment options, including cash, check and credit card. Financing options are available as low as $500/month. 

How many years has the Drama-Free Divorce team been practicing divorce law?

The Drama-Free Divorce team has extensive experience of working in Family Law in the Kansas City Metro. 

Who is a good fit for Drama-Free Divorce?

Drama-Free Divorce is tailored to those who have a desire to divorce amicably. It's truly meant for those who want to tansition to their next chapter with compromise and grace. 

Who is Drama-Free Divorce not a good fit for?

  • You believe your spouse is hiding money.
  • You believe one spouse has committed marital misconduct.
  • A business is involved that requires valuation.
  • There is a disagreement as to the value of any assets.
  • There is a disagreement regarding any parenting plan, or custody arrangement. 

Can you represent both me and my spouse through the process?

Drama-Free Divorce can only represent one spouse in the action, but you can still get divorced when the other spouse does not have an attorney. 

Do I need a reason to file a divorce?

No, there does not need to be a cause for divorce. Sometimes it just doesn't work out. 

Can you mediate my divorce?

Drama-Free Divorce does NOT mediate your dispute. We can refer you to a mediator, and then draft and file all settlement documents once you come to a final agreement.  The goal of Drama-Free Divorce is to work with couples who would like to divorce amicably. If you need help working through certain aspects of your divorce, we can refer you to a mediator prior to you engaging with Drama-Free Divorce.  Once you finish the mediation process, Drama-Free Divorce will assist you in finalizing your divorce. 

What needs to be decided in a divorce?

The goal of a divorce is to cut all ties between two spouses in regards to assets, debts and create a parenting plan for the best interest of your children if applicable. 

What counties do you serve?

We currently serve the Kansas City area, including counties of Jackson, Clay, Cass, and Platte in Missouri and Johnson County in Kansas.

How much will a Drama-Free Divorce cost?

Drama-Free Divorce can cost less than $2,000. Our three simple and affordable packages are designed to make your divorce as easy and fast as possible. Financing options are available for as low as $500/month.

What percentage of your cases are Family Law related cases?

100%. Our expertise and focus is in Family Law. 

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