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In-Laws Influence and How They Could Affect Marital Harmony

Posted by Crissy Del Percio | Oct 28, 2019 | 0 Comments

in-laws influence in marital harmony

Marriage is an intricate dance between two individuals that encompasses many more people than just them. To ensure harmony within marriage, both partners must recognize how their respective in-laws affect it. Families can offer invaluable support but can also present challenges that, if handled incorrectly, could strain its fabric.


Understanding Expectations

In-laws play an integral part in shaping the dynamics of marriage. Their expectations can have an enormous effect on relationship harmony therefore, spouses must communicate these expectations openly while setting boundaries that honor both their marriage and family ties from both origins.


Differences in Culture and Generation

Cultural and generational differences often play a factor in marital harmony. Couples may have differing traditions, values, and expectations that must be balanced while still respecting both partners' backgrounds. Acknowledging and understanding different perspectives helps foster harmony within marriages.


Communication Plays an Essential Role

Communication is at the core of any successful marriage, especially when managing influence from in-laws. Partners need to openly express their thoughts and expectations regarding extended family involvement; setting clear boundaries and showing solidarity can prevent misunderstandings or disagreements from developing into conflicts.



Maintaining a healthy balance between prioritizing your marriage and cultivating positive relations with in-laws can be tricky. Couples must find an equilibrium that allows them to respect their families while keeping intimacy within the marriage alive. Achieve this equilibrium by setting clear boundaries while still showing appreciation for family ties between both partners.


Respect Individual Autonomy

At all times, spouses must respect and acknowledge each other's autonomy when dealing with in-law influence. Harmony can be created by encouraging individual relationships between partners within their respective families while remaining committed to marriage. Trust is required between partners as they prioritize each other as well.


Divorce and its Effects

Failing to address in-laws' influence on marital harmony could have serious repercussions, potentially leading to discord or divorce. Legal experts consider unresolved family conflicts an indication of potential divorce; hence the importance of proactive communication and conflict-resolution strategies as ways of keeping marriage alive.


Seek Professional Assistance

If in-law influences are creating tension for couples, seeking professional advice may be beneficial. Marriage counselors and psychotherapists offer couples a neutral environment in which to explore feelings, learn effective communication techniques, and gain insight into managing family influences; providing tools that could strengthen their marriage bond.


Understanding the impact in-laws have on marriage harmony is of vital importance. Couples need to be proactive when setting expectations and communicating openly to navigate generational and cultural differences as effectively as possible. By striking a balance with family ties, strong marriages can be created. Understanding their effect is the first step toward developing mutual respect and understanding within your marriage relationship.

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Crissy Del Percio is a graduate of the University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Law. Additionally, she received her undergraduate degrees in Journalism (News and Information) and Communication Studies from the world-renowned home of the Jayhawks – the University of Kansas. She has been practicing law for a decade and spent the first part of her career specializing in helping low-income survivors of domestic violence. Now at Drama-Free Divorce, Crissy enjoys helping people consciously uncouple. She is also a Guardian Ad Litem and domestic mediator. Crissy has won a number of prestigious awards for her work in public service, but you likely recognize her from her acting career, where she is also an award-winner. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her egregiously overpriced dog, Augustus Rodham and knitting. 


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