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Mediation vs. Litigation in Divorce

Posted by Unknown | Nov 02, 2020 | 0 Comments

mediation vs litigation in divorce

Drama Free Divorce stands by to assist if you are uncertain whether "mediation or litigation" would be better for your situation. We are dedicated to offering comprehensive guidance throughout your divorce proceedings, from beginning to end. In Missouri and Kansas residents, we offer flexible financing solutions with monthly payments starting at just $500 to ensure finances won't stand in the way of seeking justice for yourself or your partner.

Our transparent pricing model guarantees fixed costs and eliminates any financial surprises, while also minimizing court appearances and the stress that comes with legal proceedings. Additionally, our attorneys not only possess top qualifications but are also committed to showing kindness and empathy. We recognize that divorce can be an emotionally taxing time in your life and that's why we treat you with professionalism and kindness.

Selecting between mediation or litigation when making decisions related to divorce can be daunting. This article highlights the differences between them as well as the benefits of using mediation. We will also explain why our firm may be your ideal option in your journey through the divorce process.


What are the differences between litigation and mediation?

Mediation and litigation represent two fundamentally distinct approaches to settling divorce disputes. Here's a quick breakdown:


  • When two spouses need help talking through issues between themselves, mediation provides an impartial third party who facilitates those conversations.
  • By having more authority over decisions, you will remain more in charge.
  • More cost-effective in general.
  • Typically shorter than litigation
  • All proceedings are strictly confidential.


  • Each spouse will be represented in court by lawyers from both camps.
  • Courts make decisions for you.
  • Prices tend to be more costly.
  • Legal processes often take more time.
  • Please be aware that all proceedings are public records.


Why is mediation preferable over litigation?

Mediation offers several advantages over litigation.

  • Control and Flexibility: Mediation allows you and your partner to make decisions collaboratively and tailor solutions specifically tailored to meet the needs of the situation. Mediation creates an atmosphere that is less confrontational.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Mediation can be more cost-effective than litigation, which often incurs exorbitant legal fees. With mediation, you can use your resources more wisely when moving on after divorce versus paying out on legal battles that last months or years.
  • Speed: Mediation offers an efficient alternative to the time and stress associated with court processes, particularly when children are involved. A faster resolution may also provide benefits when dealing with divorce.
  • Privacy: Mediation remains private, unlike litigation which becomes public record. Therefore, your personal matters remain hidden from view.
  • Emotional Well-being: Mediation is a collaborative process designed to reduce emotional strain on all parties involved, including spouses and their offspring.


Which is best for my situation?

Numerous factors will dictate your choice between mediation and litigation, including:

  • Communication: Can you and your partner communicate constructively?
  • Complexity: Are your assets or agreements complex in nature, such as financial investments or child custody agreements?
  • Time Sensitivity: When is it urgent to finalize my divorce?
  • Budget: What financial resources are available to cover legal expenses?
  • Wanted: At what level would you like the control?


Why hiring a divorce lawyer is better than not having one?

Although mediation is usually the best approach, sometimes an attorney's help is invaluable.

  • Legal Knowledge: Attorneys possess an in-depth knowledge of family law and can provide invaluable guidance.
  • Complex Issues: If your divorce involves complex financial matters, seeking legal advice will be in your best interests.
  • Emotional Support: Attorneys provide invaluable emotional support and a steady hand during difficult times.
  • Negotiation Skills: Their negotiation experts will effectively advocate on your behalf in order to secure a favorable result.


When should you consult an attorney?

Consult a divorce attorney immediately if any of these situations apply to you:

  • Child Support and Custody Disagreements
  • High-value assets, property disputes, and other related matters require extra caution and scrutiny.
  • Have Questions About Spousal Support (Alimony)
  • Recent History of Domestic Violence or Abuse


What criteria can be used to find an experienced lawyer?

Finding the appropriate attorney is of utmost importance, so here are some essential attributes you should search for when making your choice:

  • Experience: When hiring an attorney for family law issues, look for one with proven success in this area of practice.
  • Communication: Be sure to select someone who can communicate clearly and listens attentively.
  • Empathy: Finding a lawyer who understands the emotional strain associated with divorce will be more effective.
  • Reputation: Check reviews from clients and request referrals.
  • Transparency Is Vital: A lawyer should always be upfront with clients about fees charged and possible outcomes.


Why Choose Drama-Free Divorce?

Trust our legal expertise when you decide to file for divorce.

  • Experience: Our team has years of experience handling family law cases.
  • Empathy: Our compassionate support is grounded in an understanding of the emotional complexity associated with divorce.
  • Communication: At our core, we value open and clear dialogue to keep you fully informed at all times.
  • Reputation: Our clients have applauded us for achieving positive results.
  • Transparency: At our firm, we are up-front about our fee structure and strive to achieve optimal results for each of our clients.


Suggestions for Action

  • Assess Your Situation: To make the best choice in terms of mediation vs. litigation, assess what the situation entails before taking the appropriate step.
  • Consultation: Unsure of what your options are? For peace of mind, contact one of our seasoned attorneys and request a consultation session.
  • Choose Wisely: Prioritize both your own well-being and that of your family when making an informed choice between mediation and legal representation.
  • Begin the Process: Take the initial steps toward an easier divorce.

Decisions on divorce mediation versus litigation must be tailored to each individual's unique situation. You have options, and with expert guidance, you can successfully navigate this challenging chapter of your life. Contact us today at 816 615-5555 or send us an email on our Contact Page.

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