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Moving Away With Your Children After Divorce

Posted by Unknown | Mar 17, 2021 | 0 Comments

moving away with your children after divorce

If you are searching for ‘moving away with your children after divorce' then Drama Free Divorce is committed to guiding you. We are dedicated to helping guide our clients through the divorce process with budget-friendly solutions in Kansas City from Missouri and Kansas - with monthly divorce payments beginning as low as $500! Our transparent pricing structure eliminates any unpleasant surprises. Legal proceedings require minimal court appearances so as to reduce stress. Furthermore, our legal team offers both professionalism and empathy, understanding that compassion should also be recognized during legal proceedings.

At times of divorce, making the difficult decision to relocate with your children can be complex. This article examines its legal ramifications as well as their psychological repercussions, providing valuable advice whether seeking legal guidance or dealing with emotional matters. Our firm adheres to various criteria when selecting trustworthy attorneys - these will all give valuable guidance as you move forward with this journey. This piece offers invaluable advice whether seeking legal guidance or trying to manage emotional matters.


Can You Legally Relocate With Your Children Following Divorce?

The legality of moving with children depends on several factors, including your divorce agreement, custody agreement, and local laws. If the move will significantly change current visitation or custody arrangements, court approval must be secured before moving. Changing custody arrangements often comes into play when moving across state lines or internationally.

State-specific laws and precedents vary across the United States. California's "move away" standard (Burgess V. Burgess), for example, considers both custodial and non-custodial parents' rights when considering whether one moves or maintains the relationship. Courts often favor moving parents unless such a move violates the child's interests.


What factors does the court consider when making its determination whether or not to move away?

Underneath each judge's robe lies a deep concern for your children's well-being and future. When making their decisions, courts take many factors into consideration, including the age of the child, relationship to each parent, reasons for move/change of environment/visitation plans/impact of move into account to arrive at the best interests decision for children. These elements all come together to guide a judge when making best interests decisions for kids.


Can a custodial parent move his or her child out of state?

Relocating your children from one state to the next may feel like something out of a legal thriller, but it can certainly be done. Milestones on your journey include legal requirements such as providing proper notice to non-custodial parents as well as any concerns over visitation rights for non-custodial parents.


Why it is beneficial to hire a divorce attorney instead of forgoing legal assistance?

As it can be challenging to negotiate the legal complexities involved with moving away, having an experienced and legal-savvy divorce attorney on your side can act as your compass and help navigate you safely through this process. They will ensure your rights are safeguarded during this difficult process.


When should you consult an attorney?

As soon as you consider moving away, it's best to seek legal assistance. A lawyer can help you understand the legal environment, anticipate obstacles, and gather evidence essential to your case if needed. Waiting until the last moment may result in running an uphill race rather than running a measured sprint.


What are the criteria for finding a good attorney?

Attorneys can be like a buffet, not all dishes on offer will satisfy. When searching for attorneys with experience in family and relocation cases, look for ones with proven track records, client testimonials, and knowledge of local law systems. An ideal attorney should serve as both a trusted advisor and a strategic partner.


Why Choose Drama-free Divorce?

Drama-Free Divorce stands ready to add harmony to the legal orchestra. We specialize in move-away cases and understand all of their subtle nuances that could swing it in your favor. Our family law experts understand your emotional rollercoaster ride. Our goal is not just about winning cases but rather guiding our clients toward an ideal future where their children flourish.


Suggestions for Action

  • Speak With An Attorney Early: Don't wait until change looms large before consulting with an attorney, speak to someone as soon as you have the idea of moving.
  • Gather Evidence: Provide evidence to your attorney showing why moving would benefit your children, and demonstrate its stability in a new environment.
  • Communicate: Be willing to negotiate and communicate clearly with your ex.
  • Consider Mediation: When things turn sour, mediation offers a peaceful solution to settle disputes.
  • Plan for the Hearing: Work closely with your lawyer to craft an impactful case outlining your children's best interests.

Relocating with your children after a divorce can be an essential element in creating an orderly post-divorce experience. Legal experts will assist in successfully navigating the maze-like journey that lies ahead with ease and poise, helping you set new horizons while remaining focused. Your chosen attorney and your steadfast resolve can all come together seamlessly in creating a brighter future for all concerned. Contact us today at 816 615-5555 or send us an email on our Contact Page.

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