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The Divorce Process

Divorce does not have to involve a lot of drama. With our compassionate and sensitive divorce lawyers, we help make the process as comfortable and simple as possible.

At Drama-Free Divorce, our goal is to provide a new way of looking at divorce. The entire process, down to the pricing is transparent – from the first call to the closing letter.

Our Kansas City firm is tailored to those who have the desire to divorce with ease and leave the drama at the door. It's truly meant for those who want to transition to their next chapter with compromise and grace. 

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Financing available for as low as $500/month.

The Drama-Free Divorce

6-Steps Process To File A Divorce

  • Client provides necessary informaton to DFD.
  • Documents are reviewed and approved by client.
  • Spouse/opposing party reviews and agrees to all documents.
  • DFD Files case and all necessary settlement documents.
  • Judgment is entered by court without any court appearance required.*
  • DFD informs client on any ancillary matters needed.

*It is possible that some cases may result in a court appearance being necessary.

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Types of Cases


A Drama-Free Divorce is for couples who can come to an agreement in all aspects of their assets, debts and child custody and have the desire to divorce amicably.


Our team can help you determine if a man is the biological father of a child in the case of unmarried parents.


A pleading filed with the court to request changes to a prior parenting plan or other agreement. This can include changes to parenting time, child support and custody.


We help you develop the document which sets forth the responsibilities and decision making process to effectively co-parent.

What Can I Expect The Drama-Free Divorce Process To Be Like?

Our goal is to make this as easy as possible. You will give us some basic information and we will do all the work from there, with usually no court appearances necessary. The divorce procedure is simple because we do all the work for you.

How Often Will We Communicate About The Divorce Proceedings?

Drama-Free Divorce will have introductory paperwork for you to fill out, and from there, we will walk you through the process.

How Can You Assist Me During A Divorce?

  • Establishing Child Support
  • Maintenance (aka Spousal Support/Alimony)
  • Division of Assets and Debts (i.e. amounts, terms, etc.)
  • Establishing Parenting Plans

Who Is Drama-Free Divorce NOT A Good Fit For?

  • You believe your spouse is hiding money.
  • You believe one spouse has committed marital misconduct.
  • A business is involved that requires valuation.
  • There is a disagreement as to the value of any assets.
  • There is a disagreement regarding any parenting plan or custody arrangement.

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