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Things To Consider Before Changing Your Name During Divorce

Posted by Unknown | Oct 24, 2020 | 0 Comments

things to consider before changing your name during divorce

Drama-Free Divorce can assist with all of the things to consider before changing your name during a divorce. We offer comprehensive support throughout this transitional phase and help make this a seamless experience. Our commitment is to provide flexible financial options starting as low as $500 a month that meet the unique needs of residents from Missouri and Kansas. At Drama Free Divorce, we believe in clear pricing - so you're always aware of all costs upfront. Additionally, unlike many divorce cases that involve court appearances and legal proceedings, ours typically don't. Plus our legal team is highly skilled yet compassionate, understanding the difficulties you're going through during this trying time while offering professionalism and kindness when needed.

Are you deciding on a name change during a divorce? Doing so is a complex decision with many implications, which is why this article will outline seven essential considerations before making this choice. We will discuss the pros and cons, process details, and legalities involved with making the switch as well as why hiring a divorce lawyer might be wise - in addition to some action steps to aid on your journey.


7 Things to Consider Before Legally Changing Your Name

After your divorce, it is crucial that you make the correct decisions when changing your name. Here are seven essential considerations:

  1. Personal Identity: Your name is an integral component of who you are, so when changing it, consider whether this change aligns with your values and goals.
  2. Children: Consider how changing their names might impact them and speak with them about it beforehand - as this may cause unnecessary confusion or upset.
  3. Professional Life: Assess how changing your name might have an effect on your professional life, such as updating documents such as business cards and social media profiles.
  4. Legal Requirements: To effectively change names in your jurisdiction, research its laws carefully and understand them fully.
  5. Social Implications: Be ready for the reactions of your friends, colleagues and family when making changes in your lifestyle. Prepare yourself for possible resistance or questions from them.
  6. Emotional Readiness: Switching names is bound to be emotionally exhausting. In order to help manage its potential effects on yourself and others, take the necessary steps now to prepare mentally for a name change and its related emotional consequences.
  7. Practical Considerations: Any name change requires time, money, and paperwork. Carefully consider if you can manage all three aspects successfully.


Pros And Cons Of Changing Your Name During Divorce


  • Fresh Start: Establishing a new identity may signal a fresh start and disentangle yourself from associations to your former spouse.
  • Personal Empowerment: It is an excellent way to embrace your uniqueness and regain control of your identity.
  • Privacy: By changing your name, you can increase your privacy by making it harder for others to locate any personal data about you.


  • Legal Process Can Be Complicated: Legal processes can often be complex and time-consuming. They involve numerous documents, fees, and associated costs that need to be submitted before getting legal representation.
  • Impact on Your Career: It may be a difficult transition to changing your name professionally, especially if you already have established success in your profession.
  • Social Consequences: Your family and friends might react negatively to your decision, which may require explanation and can be exhausting emotionally.


How to Change My Name After Divorce?

Simply put, changing your last name after divorce requires just a few steps:

  • Secure a Divorce Order: Make sure that you obtain a divorce order as proof that your name has changed legally.
  • Visit the Social Security Administration: Inform the Social Security Administration of your name change. Complete and submit all required forms as well as any supporting documentation.
  • Update Your Driver's License: Visit your local Department of Motor Vehicles office to update or add information to your driver's license or ID card.
  • Notify Other Agencies: Notify other relevant institutions like your employer, bank, and the IRS about your new name.
  • Replace Personal Documents: Change the names on all credit cards, passports, and insurance policies to reflect your new name.
  • Update your Social Media and Online Profiles: Be sure to keep all of your email addresses, social media profiles, and online accounts current.


Why hiring a divorce lawyer is better than not having one?

Hiring a divorce attorney can bring several advantages:

  • Legal Expertise: Attorneys have the experience and know-how necessary to guide you through the complex name change process with ease.
  • Minimized Errors: Assembling an attorney team will lower your chances of making costly errors or overlooking important steps.
  • Emotional Support: Divorce and name changes can be emotionally trying. A lawyer can offer invaluable emotional support during this difficult period.
  • Faster Process: Experienced attorneys can expedite the name change process, saving both time and effort.


When should you hire an attorney?

Your individual circumstances will dictate whether or not an attorney is necessary. Consider these elements:

  • Complexity: Consult an attorney immediately if your divorce involves significant assets or child custody disputes.
  • Communication: If your spouse and you can work together well to address most issues amicably, then perhaps a mediator or attorney is unnecessary for proceeding with divorce proceedings.
  • Legal Knowledge: Assess your legal knowledge and comfort with paperwork. A lawyer is often an invaluable resource if you are unfamiliar with the legal process.


What criteria must I follow to select an experienced attorney?

Find a suitable lawyer is key, so consider these criteria when making your selection:

  • Experience: When hiring an attorney for name changes or family law matters, choose someone with knowledge in these areas.
  • Reputation: Read reviews, solicit referrals, and research the firm's standing within the legal community before choosing your attorney.
  • Communication: Choose an attorney with whom you feel at ease when communicating.
  • Fees: Discuss fees and payment plans upfront to make sure they fit within your budget.


Why Choose Drama-Free Divorce?

Drama-Free Divorce assists individuals through the challenges associated with divorces and name changes with expert legal advice from our family lawyers. Communication is our priority, we want you to feel informed at every stage, while our transparent fee structure keeps costs under control.


Suggestions for Action

  1. Consider why changing your surname during divorce is necessary and make an informed decision based on these reasons.
  2. Discuss this matter openly and honestly with your child.
  3. Make a plan and assess the impact of updating documents.
  4. Check with the requirements in your jurisdiction regarding name changes.
  5. Be mindful of possible social repercussions and be ready to answer questions from friends and family members.
  6. Make sure that you are mentally prepared for the process.
  7. Examine any practical considerations, such as paperwork or fees.
  8. If your divorce case is complex, you should strongly consider hiring a legal representative.
  9. Start the process of changing your name by acquiring a divorce decree.
  10. Follow these steps to update your information with the Social Security Administration and Department of Motor Vehicles.
  11. Consult a lawyer who specializes in family law or name changes for advice.
  12. Find a lawyer with a solid track record and transparent fees.

Remember, changing your name after divorce can be an enormously important decision. Make the best possible choice for yourself and your future by gathering as much information as possible and making an informed decision. Contact us today at 816 615-5555 or send us an email on our Contact Page.

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