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What Are Some Common Divorce Myths?

Posted by Unknown | Apr 20, 2020 | 0 Comments

what are some common divorce myths

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Divorce can be an emotional journey fraught with misapprehensions. This article debunks common divorce myths with insights, and advice to disprove them. We examine the truths behind them - such as hiring an attorney to the ideal time and place to consult them.

Common Myths About Divorce

Divorce, being such an important event in one's life, can often be marred by myths and misconceptions, obscuring judgment and decision-making processes. Let's disprove and explore some of these illusive notions about divorce.

Myth: Divorce always leads to an extensive court battle.

  • Truth: Many divorces can be resolved amicably without lengthy courtroom drama through mediation or negotiation.

Myth: Divorce only involves winning or losing.

  • Truth: Divorce should focus on finding solutions that are fair. Cooperative efforts benefit both sides and can even result in improved relationships after divorce.

Myth: All assets will be divided equally.

  • Truth: Not necessarily. Courts take into account contributory contributions, earning capacity, and other relevant factors when dividing assets 50/50.

Myth: Custody battles are unavoidable.

  • Truth: Most parents reach an amicable custody arrangement without resorting to contentious legal disputes, placing the wellbeing of their children first.


Dispelling These Common Divorce Myths

Once we have exposed some of the most prevalent divorce myths, we must understand why they persist and how dispelling them will enable you to make more informed decisions. Misinformation can add extra strain when approaching divorce. Recognizing its reality can help remove fear and foster an approachable, solutions-focused outlook, dispelling myths is essential.

  • Reducing Stress and Anxiety: By realizing that divorce does not always end in courtroom battles, one can lower the stress and anxiety associated with it.
  • Promoting Cooperation: Understanding the true nature of divorce will increase cooperation among parties involved and lead to a quicker, less stressful resolution process.
  • Empowering Decision-Making: By dispelling rumors and creating clarity about their divorce journey, individuals become empowered to make informed decisions regarding the journey ahead.


Why is hiring a divorce attorney better than without an attorney?

Deliberating over divorce without legal assistance can be daunting. Hiring a divorce attorney is a wise investment:

  • Legal Expertise: Attorneys offer in-depth knowledge of divorce laws to help guide clients successfully through the legal landscape.
  • Objective Guidance: An attorney offers impartial guidance, helping you make decisions in the best interest of yourself and your children.
  • Paperwork and Procedures: Legal professionals provide invaluable assistance by managing all the tedious paperwork and procedural details for you, alleviating much of the strain associated with them on your end.


When is the time to hire an attorney?

Understanding when and why to seek legal assistance is of utmost importance. Consider these indicators when making this decision:

  • Communication Breakdown: When communication between you and your spouse has reached an impasse, legal guidance may be advisable to help keep things on the right path.
  • Complex Financial Matters: In cases involving assets, debts, or finances that become complicated, an attorney is often essential in helping ensure a just division.
  • Child Custody Disputes: Disputes over child custody often require legal intervention to safeguard the best interests of both parties involved and protect their respective children's best interests.


What criteria must be considered in order to identify an experienced attorney?

Finding an attorney capable of leading your divorce through to completion is paramount to its success. Consider these criteria when selecting a legal representative:

  • Experience and Specialization: Search for an attorney who specializes in family law, specifically divorce cases.
  • Client Reviews: Check client testimonials and reviews to assess an attorney's reputation and level of client satisfaction.
  • Communication Style: Select an attorney whose communication style meets with your preferences and requirements.


Why Choose Drama-Free Divorce:

Drama-Free Divorce understands the complexities of divorce and is committed to helping you through it all. Here's why we meet all the criteria of an excellent attorney:

  • Specialized Experience: Our team boasts extensive expertise in family law and divorce cases, ensuring you receive expert guidance tailored to meet the specific circumstances of your unique case.
  • Client Testimonials: Witness for yourself the positive outcomes we've brought to individuals facing divorce by perusing our client testimonials.
  • Transparency: We prioritize open and clear communication in order to keep you fully informed and empowered throughout the legal process.


Suggested Action Steps:

Once equipped with the knowledge to disprove common divorce myths and the significance of legal representation, take these actions:

  • Reach Out: For assistance in scheduling and discussing the specifics of your case, reach out to Drama-Free Divorce today.
  • Accumulate Necessary Documents: Begin collecting all essential documents related to assets, debts, and any other pertinent details.
  • Consider Mediation Options: If amicable resolution is your top priority, explore mediation as an alternative to court proceedings.
  • Prioritize Self-Care: Divorce can be emotionally taxing, make time for self-care by seeking support from friends, family, or counseling services.

By taking these actions and seeking professional assistance, you can pave the way for an easier and more empowering divorce transition. Contact us today at 816 615-5555 or send us an email on our Contact Page.

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