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What Does A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Do?

Posted by Unknown | Mar 08, 2021 | 0 Comments

what does a certified divorce financial analyst do

Drama Free Divorce provides comprehensive answers to your inquiries about "what does a certified divorce financial analyst do?" We strive to make divorce affordable and manageable in Kansas City and Missouri for residents, with flexible financing options starting at $500 per month and no surprises or hidden costs. Our transparent pricing structure eliminates surprises or hidden costs and reduces stress by requiring minimal or no court appearances. Furthermore, our lawyers are highly-qualified but compassionate and understanding enough to understand the difficulties you're going through during this trying time in your life.

Divorce can be an emotionally complex and costly experience. A Certified Divorce Financial analyst (CDFA), however, can be invaluable during such times of change. This article will detail what a CDFA is, how you use one, and why hiring an attorney might be better in certain instances. We will also cover when legal assistance should be sought as well as criteria to look out for in lawyers. Finally, we will outline steps for successfully navigating divorce.


What is a Certified Divorce Finance Analyst (CDFA)?

CDFAs specialize in helping individuals navigate the financial aspects of divorce. Think of them as your personal financial advisors - there to protect your interests throughout this journey.


How can you work with a certified divorce financial analyst?

Steps involved in working with a CDFA:

  • Initial Consultation: Your CDFA will generally start the process with an initial consult to understand your financial goals and circumstances better. They can better meet all of your needs during this step of the journey.
  • Financial Assessment: CDFA can conduct an initial financial assessment which includes reviewing assets, liabilities, income, and expenses to provide the basis for long-term planning.
  • Budgeting and Planning: After gathering an understanding of your finances, CDFA can assist with developing a realistic post-divorce financial plan including information regarding child support, alimony payments, and property division.
  • Analysis: CDFA professionals specialize in financial analysis. Their experts can assist in helping you better comprehend the implications of different settlement options, leading to more informed decisions being made by you.
  • Mediation Support: CDFAs can provide invaluable mediation support, helping both parties understand the financial implications associated with proposed settlement offers.
  • Expert Witness: A Certified Divorce Financial Advisor can act as an experienced witness when testifying on financial matters in court proceedings.


Do I need a divorce financial analyst?

Are you wondering if a CDFA is necessary for your divorce? Ultimately, that depends on your unique circumstances and will ultimately dictate if a CDFA will be necessary.

  • Complex Finances: Working with a CDFA will assist in untangling the complexities of your finances, whether you own multiple assets or investments.
  • Emotional Support: Divorce can be emotionally draining. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) can offer both financial advice and emotional support during this trying time.
  • Mediation or litigation: Consulting with a CDFA can be invaluable whether your divorce proceedings are contentious or amicable.
  • Protect Your Financial Future: The CDFA can assist in making informed choices that will secure your future and prevent making hasty, potentially regrettable decisions.


Why it is wiser to hire a divorce attorney than go it alone?

CDFAs can be helpful tools, but it's important to remember they primarily address the financial aspects of divorce. A professional divorce attorney would likely be more suitable as a legal advisor for legal representation - here's why:

  • Legal Expertise: Divorce lawyers are family law specialists and can guide you through all steps necessary for the legal process, making sure all steps are completed without issue.
  • Negotiation Skills: Attorneys have extensive negotiation skills that can assist in finding an equitable resolution, whether through mediation or litigation.
  • Court Representation: A divorce attorney is essential if you must go before the courts for any reason, as they will fight for your rights and represent you before the judge.
  • Legal Documentation: Attorneys are accountable for filing legal paperwork on time and within the deadline.


What criteria must I follow when searching for an attorney?

Searching for legal representation should include considering these important criteria when looking for the ideal divorce attorney:

  • Experience: When hiring an attorney to handle divorce and family law cases, ensure they possess extensive expertise.
  • Reputation: Read reviews and research their reputation to gain insight into their professionalism and effectiveness.
  • Communication: Choose an attorney who keeps you well-informed and communicates well.
  • Fee Structure: Understanding their fee structure is of utmost importance - make sure it fits within your budget!
  • Compatibility: Your attorney should trust in your judgment and feel at ease around you.


Why Choose Drama-Free Divorce?

Drama-Free Divorce understands the emotional and financial challenges you are experiencing during a divorce process. Our team of seasoned divorce attorneys and Certified Divorce financial analysts is here to provide support throughout this complex journey - our track record speaks for itself, with many happy customers attesting to the expertise and dedication of our team.

  • Experience: Our attorneys have vast knowledge in handling complex divorce cases and family law.
  • Reputation: Our reputation rests on professionalism, integrity, and our ability to achieve favorable results for our clients.
  • Communication: Our attorneys place great emphasis on open and effective communication to keep our clients fully informed and involved throughout the entirety of their divorce proceedings.
  • Affordable Services: With transparent fees and an easy payment plan tailored specifically to you, our affordable services can fit seamlessly into any budget.
  • Compassion: At our firm, we provide compassionate support during this difficult period of divorce.


Suggestions for Action

Divorces can be daunting affairs, but with professional assistance, it becomes much simpler. Here are a few steps you should consider for moving ahead:

  • Consult a Certified Divorce Finance Analyst (CDFA): When facing a divorce that includes complex financial matters, it's wise to seek assistance from a Certified Divorce Finance Analyst (CDFA).
  • Assess Your Legal Needs: Assess the complexity of the legal issues at hand. Consult a divorce lawyer if the legal matters at hand are complex or contentious.
  • Interview and Research Divorce Attorneys: Make sure that you do research to find an attorney that best matches your individual needs.
  • Accumulate All Financial Documents: In order to facilitate the process more quickly and easily, start gathering all required financial documents.
  • Seek Emotional Support: Do not underestimate the emotional toll of divorce. Reach out for support from family, friends, or therapists as needed.
  • Plan for the Future: Consult with your CDFA attorney to devise an effective legal and financial strategy for life after divorce.

Divorce can be an intricate process with legal and financial ramifications. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst may be helpful when managing the financial aspects of divorce. However, often legal advice must be sought as well. When selecting your legal representation make sure they come from an established firm with professionals in experience assisting. Contact us today at 816 615-5555 or send us an email on our Contact Page.

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