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What Things You Must Do Before You File for Divorce?

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what things you must do before you file for divorce

Drama-Free Divorce can provide answers if you wonder, "What things must you do before you file for divorce?" Drama-Free Divorce offers flexible payment plans starting at $500 monthly for Missouri and Kansas residents in the Kansas City area, with transparent pricing that won't leave any financial surprises hidden. We strive to reduce the stress and inconvenience of court proceedings by requiring no or minimal court appearances from you. Our highly qualified attorneys approach your case with compassion and sensitivity, understanding the difficulty of this situation while acknowledging its need for professional support and understanding.

Prepare yourself emotionally and practically before embarking on the challenging path of divorce. This article details five steps that can help smooth and facilitate this journey, these proactive measures include financial security measures as well as emotional support measures that may make this transition smoother and quicker.


5 Things To Do Before Filing For Divorce

  1. Financial Housekeeping: Collect all financial documents pertinent to the proceedings such as bank statements, tax records, and investment data relevant to your divorce case - this will speed up legal processes while helping you understand your own finances better.
  2. Consult Professionals: Seek guidance from financial and legal professionals as you go through the divorce process.
  3. Emotional Support System: Going through a divorce can be emotionally exhausting, so having a reliable support network is vital. Communicate with family and friends or consider therapy to process your feelings.
  4. Prioritize Children's Well-Being: If there are children involved, prioritizing their well-being should be your top priority. Open communication should take place between both parties with regard to co-parenting agreements.
  5. Explore Alternative Dispute Resolution: Consider alternative dispute resolution techniques such as collaborative divorce or mediation as alternative dispute resolution is less adversarial and takes less time than traditional litigation, leading to more amicable solutions.


How can I prepare myself mentally for divorce?

Prepare mentally before beginning the paperwork for your divorce. Divorce can be emotionally exhausting, make sure that you take time out for yourself to process what's happening and recharge.

  • Self-Reflection: Take some time to reflect on your decisions, ensuring they are the right ones for you. Counseling may help facilitate this process and enable you to process any emotions.
  • Support System: Form a strong support network among family and friends to assist you. Communicating about feelings can provide valuable insight while being therapeutic at the same time.
  • Review Your Financial Position: Understanding your assets, liabilities, and expenses will give you a clearer idea of your current financial standing.


How To Begin a Divorce Process?

Planning is essential when starting the divorce process. Here's how you can do just that:

  • Consultation with Professionals: Consult a divorce or family attorney regarding your options and rights for getting divorced.
  • Collect Documents: Gather all financial documentation relevant to the legal process such as tax returns, bank statements, and property records in order to simplify it.
  • Open Communication: If possible, try having an honest and open conversation about your decision with your spouse. Communicating can make the process simpler and can make any difficulties associated with decision-making more manageable.


Why hiring a divorce lawyer is better than not having one?

Although some may feel they can handle their divorce themselves, hiring an attorney offers many benefits:

  • Legal Expertise: Attorneys have extensive knowledge of divorce and family law and will strive to defend and uphold your rights.
  • Objective Advice: An attorney offers impartial guidance that allows you to make decisions based on legal aspects rather than emotions.
  • Negotiation Skills: Divorce proceedings often involve negotiations. An attorney can represent your interests during these talks to achieve the best outcome for both sides.


When should you consult an attorney?

Timing is of the utmost importance when hiring divorce attorneys. Be mindful of these warning signs:

  • Complexity: For cases that involve complex financial matters, custody disputes, or significant assets. Hiring an attorney could be necessary.
  • Communication Breakdown: Should communication between you and your spouse become nonexistent, an attorney can serve as a facilitator in order to restore it.
  • Legal Complexity: For assistance if the legal terminology or procedures seem daunting to you.


What criteria can be used to choose an outstanding attorney?

Consider these criteria when searching for the appropriate attorney:

  • Experience: When hiring an attorney to represent your cases such as divorce proceedings, look for someone with extensive knowledge in that area of practice.
  • Communication Skills: An experienced attorney should keep you updated on the progress of your case.
  • Reputation: Investigate online reviews and testimonials before asking for referrals.


Why Choose Drama-Free Divorce:

  • Expertise: Our divorce attorneys have extensive knowledge in their respective areas.
  • Client-Focused: Communication and keeping our clients involved are of utmost importance.
  • Proven Track Record: Our firm's track record in handling divorce cases speaks for itself and proves our dedication to helping our clients obtain favorable outcomes.


Suggested Action Steps

Here are a few steps that may help kick-start your divorce proceedings:

  • Engage a Reputable Divorce Attorney: Arrange an appointment with an experienced divorce attorney to discuss your circumstances.
  • Create a Financial Checklist: Gather all of your documents together and create a checklist you can share with your attorney.
  • Create a Support System: Enlist the assistance of friends, family, and therapists to strengthen your emotional support network.
  • Stay Informed: Gain knowledge about the local divorce proceedings to reduce anxiety. Being prepared can reduce unnecessary worry.

These steps will help guide your way through this challenging period with confidence and clarity. Contact us today at 816 615-5555 or send us an email on our Contact Page.

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